Length Check – 1 Year 10 Months

This length check is well overdue. After I took my recent social media break, I was supposed to come back off my holiday, take out my braids and measure my hair. Almost 5 weeks later and I still hadn’t. I’d spent weeks trying to get my blog back on track after some technical difficulties and then wondering if I could actually let go of this gorgeous purple hair I’d put in.

I’m not mad, I’m moody…

Once I realised and remembered that it was probably doing more harm than good being in, I was just about okay to let the hair go. Your hair being in a protective style should mean that it grows better and is less prone to breakage IF you look after it. And I know I hadn’t been as good to my hair as I could have been. All that being said I was very much looking forward to reuniting with my fro and getting back on track.

So I guess you want to know where we are with the measurements, well….

15 cm/  5.9 inches

It’s always a little disappointing to not have inches and inches of growth, even with a length check that’s overdue BUT… I think I am coming to terms with my hair growing slowly. I’m back to where I was pre-trim earlier this year and my shrinkage is super crazy right now.

Shrinkage = healthy.

Shrinkage = your hair looking super short when it really isn’t.

But also…

Shrinkage = you not revelling in how amazing and versatile your hair is.


My hair looks longer in August 2017 (8.5cm)  than it does right now but my hair is almost twice as long in September 2018 (15cm). My hair had been in twists in the first picture and then they were brushed out – the closest to a blow out look I will allow my hair to have. Remember this is a no heat journey. The September is full shrinkage realness, I think you can just about see that my hair is substantially denser. All that length has to go somewhere!

So with coming to terms with my slow growth, I just sort of have to or I’ll be extremely disappointed every time I check my hair going forward. As long as it’s longer than the last check (unless I’ve had a trim) that’s positive progress. We always knew the journey to tailbone length was going to be long!

Plus I love how it feels when it’s freshly washed, properly moisturised and “flowing” free. I say flowing like that because we all know that my hair does not move in the wind!

Let’s keep staying positive and not be neurotic about our hair growth!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. How’s your journey doing?

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