Chunky Twists: My Go-To 2020/21

It doesn’t look like much but two strand twists are honestly the way forward for me.I hadn’t realised until recently when I put braids in my hair in April 2021, it had been over a year since I’ve had box braids. I’ve been rocking twists almost exclusively that whole time. It was a convenience thing at first. Just a quick way to tuck away my hair until I got round to doing something else with it. But I never did. I just kept doing loose 2 strand twists every week during wash day, sometimes 8, sometimes 20. It’s become a habit. And I love it.

I don’t have the length I would have with my box braids but as my own hair has gotten longer, I can do a low pony, a high pony, space buns, two braids all while my hair is in a low manipulation style, doing its thing, retaining moisture. I feel like at this point in my journey, I’m just not supposed to have my hair out and loose. Of course occasionally I will, everyone loves letting their fro free from time to time but this just works for me right now.

I guess the pandemic and being at home A LOT changed what my priorities were. It’s not that I didn’t want my hair to be “done” or “look good”, I just wanted simplicity. I sort of get the look and feel of box braids but it’s so easy to just take my hair down every week (and leave it in if I want) and wash and care for my hair. Even if it frizzes, I think it starts to add to the look. It can go too far and start to look crazy but I’m only leaving them in for a week, two at the most.

And you know what? My hair is thriving. I’ve never had such a long period of my hair feeling good. After a week in twists, I might even treat myself to a twist out for a day! And it seems silly but it really does feel like a treat. I don’t have oodles of definition and I have “frizz” AND I still love it. Part of embracing the “frizz” is due to not yet being able to create a super sleek twist out but I also genuinely enjoy my hair just having a stretch and fluffiness to it but still retaining some of the characteristics that make it uniquely my Type 4 Hair. And I haven’t always liked that look.

At times, it’s disappointed me but how can you really be disappointed in your hair just doing what it does? It’s time to let go of some of those standards that make you doubt the beauty of your hair.

Twists have helped me appreciate my hair – how fragile it can be and that it needs to be protected, how many different ways I can make it look – fro, twisted, stretched, fluffed out, defined, undefined, keeping it moisturised and yes, seeing some length. Although, since I’ve stopped formal length checks, I can’t be completely sure but upon visual inspection, some extra length has been observed 😁

They keep my hair moisturised.

They provide a style that is versatile.

Also, they keep my fingers out of my hair.

And they even help with trimming – when the ends of your twists stop coiling or curling and look a little raggedy, it’s time to dust those ends. I’m getting less scared of doing this because not all length is good length, sometime you just need to let it go.

Let dead ends go, let unattainable beauty standards go, let worrying about how your hair is going to turn out everyday go (if you want). Live a simpler life, get some two strand twists! And I know this isn’t for everyone, but embrace your go-to style. Just make everything simpler and love what you have. It makes life so much easier even if you have to fake it for a while, real love will come with time. You’ll find the thing that makes you love your hair eventually – straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky – find what works and love it.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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