Length Check – 1 Year 3 Months

It’s been well over a year since I chose to go bald. I have hit  the milestone of 1 whole year and 3 months. And I’m not bored of this whole healthy hair blogging thing. That’s a long time. But also really short in the context of me being on a journey to tailbone length hair. And yes, I am still aiming for that ridiculous and lofty goal. I’m expecting to get there by 2025, give or take a year. I’d be happy for it to happen at some point this millennia if I’m honest.

I’ve started to see real progress since my last length check. I’ve started twisting up my hair, putting it into doo doo plaits as a protective style under wraps and beanies and for bed. Doo doo plaits if you don’t know are the type of plaits you just do to get your hair out of the way or for a braid out. You wouldn’t really go out with your hair looking like that. Unless your name is Felicia and then you become a cult icon. I’ve been able to do about 10-12 comfortably so my hair must be getting longer.  You can just about see how sexy I look with my doo doo plaits above but here’s how I look when they come out!

I can totally do sexy!

I’m still a product junkie (find out what I’m using right now) and in search of my forever products but something is definitely working overall. I say overall because I still have days where my hair seems super dry. But they are becoming less and less. I’m planning on adding a little colour back into my life in the next few days, but maybe not as bright as it has been. I truly believe I did a good job of looking after my hair while in braids the last couple of times and I hope it helped with my length retention. Everyone and their dog says that should be the case.

I also know that I need to stop being lazy and using the Denman brush for getting rid of knots and tangles. I love how it gets through my hair in just a couple of passes but I know and can see that it takes out more hair than finger detangling. Finger detangling is a long process and I don’t want to say I don’t have time for it, maybe put better, I don’t have the patience for it. But I will sit there and braid my hair for 12 hours no problem. Not quite no problem, but I can do it. I suppose it’s getting my priorities straight.

So the bit I’ve been waiting for is my quarterly official length check. I play around in my hair more than I should. I usually go for a bit at the back and stretch it out to see how long it’s looking and feeling. But as you know, for whatever random reason, the hair I use to check the actual length is on the very top. I suppose, it’s a part that’ll be manipulated the least. It won’t rub against head rests or my pillow (which is satin but even still), it’s not on the edges so it won’t get tugged on and when my hair’s up, gravity will have the least effect.

Maybe it means I’m cheating a little or I’m just trying to have the most positive outcome. Actually I suppose, come to think of it, I gravitated to that part of my head because that was always the longest part, even when I treated my hair like trash.

Anyhoo, the numbers are in and…I’m at 14cm/ 5.5inches!!!!

Am I Instagram ready? Erm…no. No filter, no makeup, no sleep!

So my ultimate goal was about 60cm/ 24 inches. I’ve realised though that the 60cm is from the back of my head. But for the bit I actually measure, I have to be at about 70cm to get tailbone length hair. A bit of an oversight on my part. This is slow going and I’ve just made it even slower with my new realisation but I’m making noticeable progress.

The best tip I’ve learnt, if you’re on any kind of journey…take pictures. You’ll hear everyone say to take pictures. Listen to everyone. It’s really true. You don’t have to blog about it or Instagram it, but take some pictures because if you’re doing all the right things, your hair will grow. It might be painfully slow or annoyingly quick, annoying for people like me who are on the slow side. But you’ll love seeing the change. Anyway, we’re doing it peeps!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. How are you getting on in your healthy hair journey?



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