Welcome to Woeful To FroFull

Hi, my name is Lee. I’m a thirty something, Black British mother of 3 and I big chopped shaved to bald on November 1st 2016.

I wanted a fresh start and you don’t get fresher than that, I think I had more hair the day I was born!

This blog was started as I wanted somewhere to write about my journey and just be me. I wanted to write about my hair. To write a little about my kids, to write about my insecurities, to write for writings sake. And I hope I can achieve that goal here on my very own blog. Yay, I have a blog! I think I’ve said he word blog too many times…

I’m not a model (obviously), a guru or any kind of expert. There are 1000s of other bloggers out there so I’m not looking to be the NEXT BIG THING! I am chronicling my journey, the successes AND the failures!

I’ll be here as long as it makes me feel happy and feel that I’m accomplishing something, even if no one is reading (but I hope SOMEBODY does)! Just one person will do, please. I ain’t too proud to beg!

Like I said, I’m not any sort of expert but maybe you could help and encourage me and maybe I could help and encourage you, so let’s start from nothing and see what we can achieve.