Temporary Goodbyes – Woeful To FroFull

I am logging out of all social media and my blogs (this one and the other one) for the next couple of weeks. Of course, I’m worried I’ll miss stuff, that I’ll be disconnected from things I love and that might inspire me. I’ll miss moments that mean so much to others that mean something to me. But remember there was life before the internet was accessible in our hands 24/7.

On the positive side, there are things that are happening right in front of me. But I miss them because I’m too busy looking down.  I think I’m going to spend a little time looking up.

One of my favourite shows is *still* Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I know, I know but I promise I’m still a good person deep down. It does not define who I am! But something occurred to me a few seasons ago. They have these really strange conversations with each other where they don’t actually engage in conversation with one another. They’re constantly on their phones. They seem to be living these really awesome lives but they don’t actually seem present. It’s kind of sad.

As a fan, I wan them to engage more with each other. Not many people have the opportunity to be in their siblings or friends lives the way they are. I don’t know if they appreciate it. Maybe they do. Maybe it’s just the way it’s edited but it made me look at myself and the time I spend with my family. I don’t want my kids to see me like this. I want and need to be present.

I’ve seen a lot of people remove themselves from social media as a means of self-care. I feel lucky as I don’t feel like social media affects my perception of myself. I’m sure it makes an impact but I don’t spend hours comparing myself to people I see wanting their perfectly unblemished (probably heavily made up) faces or their perfect size zero (probably photoshopped) bodies. I don’t find it triggering in that way. Obviously, on a bad day, seeing a gorgeous gym bunny with fabulous make up in a killer outfit can elicit some jealousy but I won’t damage myself physically or mentally trying to emulate her.

I think in that regard, I have picked sensible people and accounts to follow. What I do find negative are the comments people make. There is a fear every time you post something that some of that may come your way. I have to post and run. The majority of the interactions on anything you post will be in those initial moments, especially on a platform like Instagram and I have no confidence in what I’ve posted until I get that first like. I hate feeling that way, waiting for that level of gratification from others. Probably should just be happy and confident in what I’ve done.  I need a break from the anxiety that sometimes creates.

So luckily for me, social media is a mostly positive experience, I love using it for inspiration. For this hair and skin care blog, I like to see what other products people are using and talking about, techniques they’re trying and think how I can put my own spin on it. For my other blog, an image, a thing someone says in a caption, a link to an article can remind me of a time and place in my life, or send my mind off wondering to another planet to give me an idea of what to write.

It does concern me that my sources of inspiration will disappear and I’ll struggle. I’m not entirely sure why, I’m constantly making notes for both blogs inspired by conversations I’m in or overhear or by things I see in real life. Inspiration is everywhere and I think this will be  a great opportunity to explore this. Especially being unencumbered by other people’s experiences and thoughts.

I’ll miss my blogs. I’ll miss coming home everyday, after getting the kids to bed, and sitting down with my laptop to make notes, do research or actually write a post. Although, this is a hobby, it can be a bit stressful. From the expectations that I place on myself or the self-imposed posting schedules I have, it will be nice to take a break and let my mind wander freely. It’s ridiculous that I’ve been glued to my phone for so long that this feels like uncharted territory!

So with my concerns noted, I suppose it’s time to just do this thing! It’s a little scary but exciting too! I won’t be technology free, that would just be going too far but I will be logging out of my blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, everything except my email and obviously my ability to browse the internet. I might leave Snapchat (I’m aware it’s a problematic platform, aren’t they all?) for the filters and because I have a private profile with only a few friends on. And because most of my communications come through Whatsapp, that’ll stay too. That doesn’t count as social media right?

So here’s to the beginning of the blackout. Oh, I haven’t actually mentioned my main concern, the stress and annoyance of logging back into everything, literally nobody remembers passwords these days. Oooh, that’s going to be so much fun!

See you on the flip side, hopefully, feeling happier, rejuvenated, inspired and with a newfound appreciation for the world around me.

Let’s keep taking time for ourselves!

xx Lee xx

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