Length Check – 9 Months

I’m 75% of the way into my 1st year of my healthy hair journey and journey to tailbone length. Hair was measured on the 1st of the month and I can say with complete honesty that I was disappointed. I was at 8.5cm (3.3 inches) which means I had fallen short of the roughly 1 centimetre a month that I had been gaining faithfully up to this point. I know partly why this might be happening. My hair is getting longer which means it is more prone to knot leading to it needing a bit more detangling and manipulation. As much as I feel I’m doing the right things, I may not have yet found the perfect formula to make things work. I’ve also noticed a small amount of breakage but not something I am overly concerned with at the moment.

BUT I did an overnight Curlformer set and this happened…

Yes, I had the most overdramatic yawn in history. Then I basked in the glory of my newfound picked out fro!┬áIt is not be as long as I was hoping based on previous months. I think I’ll learn to love it. Guess what? I have an afro people. I have a good healthy (dense as all hell) afro!

Let’s keep growing together!

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4 thoughts on “Length Check – 9 Months

  1. Your fro is beautiful! I miss my fro at that stage. I feel like I had the same experience, where at first I was blown away at my growth in the year just after the big chop and then disappointing numbers started to roll in. Not bad numbers, just not what I wanted. IMO, it really just comes down to length being its own enemy.

    1. Definitely. I don’t think I’ve made the most of my current length and will miss it when it’s gone but I’ve got a goal in mind so I’m just trying to get there. I try to bit obsess about the numbers, that’s why I only check every 3 months, doesn’t stop me admiring my shrinkage almost every day in the mirror though

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