Hair I Need – 30 Styles For The Year Ahead (Pt. 1)

New year, new you, new hair! Why not?As much as I detest New Year’s Resolutions (but keep making them) I wholeheartedly believe in fresh starts. And January naturally lends itself to that. You’ve probably heard the above quote about a woman cutting her hair changing her life. Well you can cut it, colour it, wig it up, do whatever, because hair should be fun and I think we all have the tendency to take things too seriously. Get stuck doing the same old thing. And forget that change is natural.

I’m not one to shy away from colour but I think I possibly shy away from different shapes. I really loved the ginger bob I did recently. I know technique wise it needed work but the overall idea gave me a little extra bounce when I really needed it. It’s also mad

Image Source: Pinterest

You may be feeling a little stuck in a rut or just looking for some inspiration, wanting to start the year off with a bang, so here’s some of the styles I’ve been thinking about and am dying to try. (Let’s be truthful, I won’t try half of these ever but ooo, look at the colours!) And there may or may not be a lot of Nicki Minaj.

1. The Blue Wave

Image Source: dommiecole

How dreamy is this? Just absolutely stunning, the colour, the softness of the waves, the transition of the colours. I’m in love.

2. Zendaya

Image source – Pinterest

To be fair, Zendaya can do no wrong. I love how innovative and fearless she is with her hair but it’s nice to see the natural side too. Now for me, this would be a cool style to try – wig, weave, crochet braids because I don’t really see my type 4 hair doing that without heat. One of my favourite crochet braid styles was a curly hair set that sort of looked like this, can’t wait to try it again!

3. Here Come’s Nicki

Image Source – Stylecaster

If you know me personally, you will know I love purple. If you don’t, you may have seen my purple hair from Cyberloxshop. I think it’s a colour that suits so many people of all races and ages, I mean blue rinse anyone (which weirdly almost always looks purple). Now I had braids in this colour but this wet look, loose wave is so sexy and pretty at the same time. Maybe too sexy…for me.

4. Big Chop Anyone?

Image Source: Woeful To FroFullLaura Mvula, Sanaa LathanSkin

When I talk big chop, I tend to be envisioning what I did which was slightly more than a big chop. Not everyone has the desire to be totally bald. But if I was completely honest, I would like to do it again! Crazy, right? The only reason I won’t is because I’d like to hit my tailbone length goal first. I know! But I’m still contemplating it…

It can be pretty and sensual or just punk rock. Anyone out there willing to start from scratch?

5. Cyberloxshop

Image Source: Cyberloxshop

I did a recent review of my experience at Cyberloxshop and I know that as much as some of the things in this list are complete pie in the sky, buying from them again is happening. The colours on the left, I’ve done but a really long time ago. Bottom right isn’t a super adventurous colour but maybe I could try something different like braided cornrows or twists or space buns with it. And green, green keeps the boys keen…or something! Don’t worry, my husband doesn’t read my blog! And I’m not trying to attract anyone, just trying to make y’all green with envy…or something. Listen, there is no reason, I just want green hair!

6. Young And Unafraid

Image Source: Amandla Stenberg

I wish I had the opportunity or confidence when I was younger to try out more OTT out-there styles. I see youngsters like Zendaya and Amandla Stenberg and think wow! They really push the boundaries. I love this style in particular because it’s grey and I’ve been obsessed with grey hair for a while now. A lot people spend so much time trying to avoid greys and hide greys, when we could be embracing grey like Samantha Pollack, because it’s part of a natural hair journey. Obviously, if you don’t want to embrace the grey, don’t!

Is it irony, I want to go grey because this young thing did? Probably, but it looks so beautiful and I can’t wait to try it.

I also love this particular style because it’s how your braids look when you start to unravel them and I love the idea of just using that as way to style your hair.

7. Box Braids Remixed

Pinterest – miryamlumpini

I love coloured braids, obviously, but this colour combo has me like, whoa! Somehow, she’s someone I hadn’t come across in all my hair searching on the internet, still trying to figure out how that happened because when I saw her IG feed, I was like, that’s just aspirational! Can’t wait to be a little more out of the box with my colour choices.

8. Beads & Beyond

Pinterest – Erykah Badu

Beads, beads, beads. When I was thinking of a beaded hairstyle, I was thinking early 00s Alicia Keys but then I came across this image of Queen Erykah. Oh my gosh. So neat, precise, well thought out and just stunning. I’m not sure I could rock this as an everyday style but if I could do it for a special event (I don’t know what or when), I’d be so there for that. My only questions before attempting it would be: Is it heavy? Does it feel like someone is hitting you with a bag of pennies every time you turn your head?

If the answer is no, LET’S DO THIS!!!

9. Living Natural

I know, it’s me…again. But there is something almost uplifting in just having your hair do what it does. I think a picked out fro might make more of an appearance in 2019. Takes the least input (and possibly a little bit too much manipulation) but it would be a physical expression of my healthy hair journey, showing you a happy, healthy afro!

10. Nicki…Again

1966 Magazine – Nicki Minaj

All red everything! After my experience with a braided bob, I would definitely give this short, sleek look a go. It’s a daytime style. A work style. A night style. Date style. All day, every day and that colour, whew! I’ve done a similar shade of red, a long time ago (stopped me from getting a job, natural hair colours only) but there would be nothing stopping me trying it again now. I’m not gonna look as good as Nicki but I’d give it a damn good try.

Still with me? That’s one third of the way of through my, hopefully, inspirational look at hair styles to try for this coming year! Part 2 will be published on 21/01/19.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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