Hair I Need – 30 Styles For The Year Ahead (Pt. 2)

There aren’t enough days in the year to try out all these styles but a girl can dream, eh? Now where was I after part 1 last week? Well, showing you some awesome styles that you could give a go during this great year ahead. And it will be great! Can it be worse than last year? Maybe, don’t answer that!

11. Coily Queens

Universe Of Knapps

I’ve tried finger coils on my darling little girl, I can’t say it came out well, not even 10% as good as this. Also, I love purple hair. So…this is perfect for me. And although it didn’t work on my first try, apparently it’s really easy. Yea, like following a natural hair tutorial on YouTube…

12. Blue Bantu Buns

kersti.pitre via Unicorn Curls

I assume these beautiful blue bantu knots are crochet braids for the curls in the back and added hair for the buns in the front. If it’s not, that’s how I’d try to achieve this style. And I love the addition of the braids with the beads too.

13. Nicki…Again…Again

Image Source – TopTenPerfumes – Nicki Minaj

Braids to my bum are fairly extreme. This is next level. I suppose there is an upside to this style, you can sweep the floor while looking fabulous! There are a few negatives here, it might be heavy and because the hair is one sided, I think this might be headache worthy. And although the idea of suffering for beauty is supposed to be the thing to do, I would think twice about whether it’s worth it. Now if this was a wig…

14. Split Hair

Would you consider trying two completely different colours in your hair? I did (as you can see) and I loved it. I miscalculated the amount of braiding hair I would need and this was way too heavy but the theory worked. How about Yellow and Green? Red and Black? Brown and Orange? Chartreuse and Magnolia?

15. Purple Spectrum


This is a little bit like “The Blue Wave” from the first post in this mini-series but this time gorgeously purple, lavender and/or lilac. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of loving purple.

16. Flexi Rod Set


Now that my hair is that little bit longer, I feel like I can start experimenting with curling rods and whatnot. Now it’s clear the colour is a lure for me here but the definition in those curls is just lovely. I think I’d like that in any colour.

17. That’s Where My Bobby Pins Went

Clockwise from Top Left – Me, Neptunesquest, Pinterest

I don’t like Bobby Pins. I’m never sure if I’ve got them in right. But recently, they’ve become more than just an annoying hair accessory that you always lose and something to use to create beautiful and unique styles and patterns in your hair. It can be simple, chaotic or very ordered and regular. You can basically do whatever you want, if you can find them.

18. Blue Curly Perfection


Looks so natural…for blue hair! Such a pretty colour on her gorgeous curls. And the best thing with this is that it’s a temporary by PopCurlColor. I love that this is just a wash out kind of commitment. It makes the possibilities, well not endless, but as varied as the colours on offer. There are a few brands doing this vibrant temp colour experience including naturallytash who makes CrownPaintColors. The combos she does on her own hair are just spectacular.

19. Issa Lifestyle

Felicia Leatherwood styling Issa Rae

It’s simple, it’s elegant and I think almost any naturalista could do this or some variation of it, with a wide range of lengths. And it looks like the wrap is silk or satin, so it’s good for your hair. One third puff, one third protective style, one third ready for bed.



I love the idea of microbraids. I don’t love the idea of sitting around for 4 days while my hair is done. Problem solved – a braided wig. You could even go from braided style to braided style by the day. It would be almost like magic. And it’d save your poor arms, back, arms, wrists, bum especially if you’re like me and you braid your own hair. This would be heaven sent!

Two thirds of the way through the list ladies and gents! Would you try any of these styles? I think realistically I may go for…nah, I’ll keep you guessing!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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