Who Needs Hair Anyway?


Yay to my first post!! Woo! Hello out there?! Anyone…

So that girl above is me. First picture is me with my fro before I took the plunge. The 2nd and 3rd photo are what happened next. And in the 3rd, you can even see the shine off my now perfectly bald head, that’s how smooth I went. It’s quite an odd sensation doing a wet shave on your head. Because it means everything is gone.

After months of psyching myself up for this, it’s done. I’m not disappointed. I’m feeling myself right now. Right now, I feel good, but I was worried I might end up looking like Sisqo. You know, from the Thong Song, with the platinum hair because my scalp would be so pale due to not having ever seen the light of day.

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant with the razor in my hand. By that point, I felt like I couldn’t quit. I’d told people I was going to do this so I would have to do this. I’m not someone who always follows through on things I say I’m going to do. I’m a serial procrastinator. Put off today what you can get away with doing tomorrow or the day after if possible. But no, this is a new beginning. I will do that less, I will be a better me and I will do stuff today, mostly.

Have you every worried about what your head looks like under your hair? That was my worry. It’s what people say, right, “I can’t shave my head as I might look like a deflated football”. Turns out, my head is an acceptable shape. Except for a little divot in the middle which my husband lovingly described to me as a “cleft head”. This conjured up images of John Travolta’s chin. Which is fine on his chin but not so much on my head. Speaking of my husband, just to make it clear, he was extremely supportive during “The Shave”, although when I asked if I had any weird scars up there or anything I should be concerned about, his reply was “Just this one that looks like Tina Turner but I don’t want to talk about it!” Reassuring much!

A lot of the time, there seems to be a warm sensation going on up there. I think it’s razor burn. Now I’m not one for the cold, I will wrap myself up in a blanket on the hottest day of summer but the feeling of my cold hands on my hot head feels amazing. Like cold ice cream with hot apple pie, yummy!

It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and warm desserts though. There are a few tiny cuts, nothing too visible even though it does sting a little. I hope that will go away soon. Also I never realised how draughty my house is. I can feel EVERYTHING which does make me feel a little nervous about getting in the shower tomorrow. Will it be like hard rain hitting a glass roof? Even when I lean my head back on the leather sofa it’s similar to the sensation of dunking my head in cool water.

All in all, I have to say I’m really digging this look though. I’ve never had super short hair and I think it suits me, I may even be a little disappointed when the stubble comes in. As my hair was getting shorter  during my big chop, it was like seeing the journey I will be going on in reverse and I didn’t hate what I saw. Lucky really because there’s no turning back.

But this bald old head is not the goal, this is a temporary stage. This is just where we jump off from.

The goal is to get my type 4 kinky, coily hair down to tailbone length, as a challenge, just to see if I can do it. It will be hard, if not nearly impossible. There are seemingly hundreds of videos and photos of girls and guys that have done it but if everyone could grow natural afro hair like mine that long, then surely more would. Let’s see what I think and feel about all of this come the harsh light of day tomorrow. The confidence may wane. And I may decide wigs are the way to go.

Finally, as I’m a bit of a geek I have to mention a little regret I have. I wish I’d done this yesterday. Yesterday being Halloween, because I would make one kick ass black female Jean Luc Picard. So I have to say it, I apologise in advance, but I just have to say it.

I am about to boldly baldly go where no one has gone before!

Phew, now that’s over, let’s get growing!

xx Lee xx

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