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When it comes to shopping, I will be the first to admit that I. Am. Not. Loyal. Not one bit. You offer me great products at great prices with great service and you got me! But beware, you have to keep those standards up or I’ll move on. I’m not playing.

I discovered Cyberloxshop a while ago. I honestly can’t remember exactly how I came across it, but I think I was looking for hair on eBay and saw the same seller with a multitude of colours, like I had never seen before. And it’s not like I’m a 1B (black) girl, I’ve had non-standard hair colours in my hair since I was about 15 or 16. I probably would’ve gotten into trouble at school if I’d found this site all that time ago. And it was a long, long time ago that I was a school girl.

Hopefully you can see some of the texture variation here…

Since I’ve started my natural hair journey and joined Instagram, I’ve found more and more retailers that supply amazing colours but not a selection as this extensive. For example, you search “Purple Kanekalon” on their site, this returns 16 results. That doesn’t even take into account colours that are described as Lilac, Magenta, Grullo or Dark Orchid or any of those on the fence Dark Pinks. To be honest, the selection as amazing as it is, can be a little overwhelming. In their Kanekalon Jumbo Braid section, there are 6 sub sections. Six whole sections. In some sections, you can view the hair on a colour spectrum of lighter to darker which is really helpful.

If you’re like me and you want a colour, you just have to go for it. I’ve been buying a lot of my hair from Hairtrade recently because you can get a pack of hair for £1.49  which is super cheap, super soft and good quality but limited colours, compared to Cyberloxshop’s extensive offering ranging from £2.29 to £4.29. Including the very hard to find for a good price ombre colours which I’m dying to try. I’ve seen some great colour combos from another seller, CatFace, but their prices are much higher however, when you’re doing something that original you can charge more. Cyberloxshop does have some great transitional colours on offer but the selection is relatively small in comparison to CatFace. But if you’re price conscious, Cyberloxshop is way more affordable.

I placed my first order earlier this summer and if you follow me on Instagram or are not new to the blog, may have seen the purple dream I created. This is the hair I spoke about in a previous post and not wanting to let it go! The colours I bought were – Lilac, Neon Grape, Purple, Hot Purple, Neon Purple, Electric Violet and Violaceous Purple. I bought from different sections of the braiding hair section. The hair differed in texture and some of the colours didn’t quite have the variation I expected and hoped for. That was possibly me needing to pay a bit more attention to the very detailed descriptions but now I know what I want in my next order. But they offer different types of hair for different things – braiding, dread making etc.

And actually, all the information I needed was there. There is so much description attached to every section and to every pack of hair. I can’t say I’ve read it all but I’m glad it’s there. Especially to people who are new to braiding hair. But as you may or may not have gathered, this website isn’t the usual braiding site. I didn’t intially feel like it was aimed at people like me, black girls with braids and why should it be?

But am I welcomed and catered for? Yes. I was even lucky enough to be featured on their IG page. There are a few other braided styles on their page but it’s also a welcome reminder of how versatile braid hair can actually be. I would imagine the majority of people who visit them, and this is reflected on their Instagram page, are people making dreads with the hair or buying their eponymous Cyberlox. Not my personal style (because I don’t think I could pull it off) but a style I appreciate nonetheless.

Speaking of other things they sell, there’s a lot of other stuff going on. You into steampunk? They got you. Want to make dreads? There’s a place for you. Also, there is a wide selection of hair accessories such as clip in fringes, jewellery and Stargazer nail varnish (which I remember from when I was younger, I had it in black, very black). Now I can’t say if they’re the best place to go to for Steampunk goggles and respirators but the prices seem reasonable to me and they I’m pretty convinced they know what they’re doing in their niche.

Very wordy, innit?

My only negative I would say is the website layout. Something about it seems quite old-fashioned and not as customer friendly as it could be. But can I find everything I need? Yes. SO this is me being a little nitpicky really.

Now I started this post proudly saying I’m not brand loyal, so the big question is would I buy from them again? That is the million dollar Q. Yes I would, I’d love to recreate this style.

I just don’t have the funds right now but I am already planning my next order. I am dying to dip into their green or grey colours because I haven’t done those colours ever and they have an abundance of choices. The colour choices are great, the order came quickly, packaging is only what you need, the price is reasonable and I like what they do. Maybe I could show a little loyalty.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx


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