Length Check: 2 Years And 6 Months

Pictures sure can be deceiving because my hair looks sooo long here. Look at the reach! The reach!

Okay so it’s not that impressive and the only reach is coming from me. I know it’s not that long but I was bald not many moons ago. Egg head. Baldie. Football. I think after decades of my hair not seeming like it was growing, it’s crazy to see that journey. I now know it feeling like it was never growing in the past was because my hair was breaking at such a rapid rate. Hopefully, I’ve got that sorted and it won’t be an issue for me ever again.

My last length check had my hair at 19cm and this one, 3 months later, is 19.5cm (although my husband found a strand that was 25cm long!). I normally build a little tension before I unveil the numbers but it’s pretty underwhelming so why drag it out?

I gave myself a little trim in March and my hair feels all the better for it. My hair is currently “styled” and I use that word loosely with two large 2 strand twists at the front and a loose twist out afro at the back. Day one, the loose hair was held back and shaped by 2 large clips that I like to use to give a mohawk-y sort of vibe. In the picture above, I’m on day 3 hair and my loose afro style was thrown into a bobble/ hair tie, because I can do that now with ease. I hadn’t realised that at the last check but now I know, afro puffs away.

I won’t do that though because I don’t want to risk losing my edges but the option is there. The possibilities are endless for the kinky mass on top of my head.

I’ll keep on keeping on but this journey to tailbone length/ big voluminous hair/ healthy hair is long, hard, at times tedious, with little to no results. But we plod on. I guess that sounds really negative and I’m trying not to be. There are ups and downs with the progress I’m making, and I have had a little trim since last time that accounts for the low numbers, I just want to be at the end of the journey already. Which is a recurring theme in my life, impatience. However I need to remember and this applies to so many situations –

Quote: Y. Tiwari

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

How’s your journey doing? Are you at the start or end of your journey?

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