Top Of My Head

Source: Nappy.co by The Optimist Dreamer


They watch as it grows up, not down, defying gravity

Not understanding the magnitude of what they actually see

It’s not just hair, it’s not just a style

It’s life, it’s love, it’s something they’ll be thinking about for a while

Some love it so much, they say that it’s magic

Some act like it’s a big deal which is altogether tragic

So much hate for something so natural

They think it’s a fantasy, when it’s all factual

Not exotic, not different, not something to hide

A reflection of your ancestral roots you can show on the outside

An afro, a halo, a headpiece, a crown

Worn big and free, still looking elegant in that gown

Some call it a mess and some call it nappy

But I love my hair and my hair makes me happy


xx woeful writes xx


Sorry, full on cheese, I know. Also I haven’t really written anything that resembles poetry in a while so this is it! I’m actually in a good place with my hair after shaving it bald in November 2016. It seemed to be a good subject matter, considering I’m so passionate about it, with a whole blog dedicated to it!

It shouldn’t mean so much to me but it’s quite a big deal on your body (whether it’s short or long) and it’s one of the first things people see. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes I looked like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards…then forwards…then backwards again.

But it brings me a huge sense of joy of knowing that it’s healthy and knowing the hard work I put into it is paying off. You should all celebrate your achievements, big and small.

Shout out to Amara La Negra because you can wear a fro and still be a beautiful queen, not sure why anyone had to explain that but that’s this world for you!

PS – That is not me in the picture, obviously. I suppose I could’ve used a picture of myself but I like her hair and I love the look in her eyes.


(Originally posted on Woeful Writes 14.02.18)

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