A Pictorial: Clay Wash Day (Part 2) – LCO

You will have noticed I started telling you about this Clay Wash Day last week (head on back over if you’d like) but here’s the best bit…what it looked like after all the clays were washed out. It’s my favourite bit anyway!

Rinsing Out

And that was the washing part of wash day done. Washing out the Rhassoul clay was no problem at all surprisingly. I couldn’t feel the grit, not like when I had the Almond Butter Hair Mask incident.

And look at the definition. This is me straight out of the shower, no product. I’ve never had my hair look like this before except maybe for that ill advised curly perm as a child. I’d love to (attempt) to capture this look in a wash and go.







Anita Grant Curl Conditioning Double Cream

When my journey first started, I was a loud supporter of the LOC (liquid/ leave in, oil, cream) Method of moisturising. But my hair really made some strides when I switched it up to LCO.  And it got even better still when I started to use a leave in lotion rather than just water. So I was completely unsure on what to do with this Double Cream. The description describes it as a leave in but it has the consistency of a heavy cream and it’s literally called Double Cream. This stuff is smooth and thick and luxurious feeling. But would it keep my hair moisturised enough for me to not have to include a leave in lotion?

Well the answer to that would be yes! It’s the L and the C and it’s fabulous! 🎉






Jim + Henry Five

I’ve been loving this oil and it fit in so nicely with the other products. But it was the last go around for this tiny bottle. And I can’t stock up because of my ban but I assure you I will eventually. It was at this point that I actually detangled my full head thoroughly when it was fully moisturised. I love the extra little bit of slip this oil gives and how soft it keeps my hair feeling while sealing in that moisture. This is an easy recommend.








Twists (As Per Usual)

And the final product.

I don’t think these twists look too shabby. I kept these in for a week and I was very happy with the end result. My hair had some shine, softness, definition. A+ to the products. I guess I had something to do with the success but a thunderous round of applause to the Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay and Double Cream especially.







Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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