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I only use Bentonite Clay every 4 weeks to cleanse my hair but I genuinely look forward to that particular wash day. If Bentonite was a person, I would gush about them all day. I was stocking up on clay and I was trying to make an order up to a certain amount on the Anita Grant website and so I decided to try out the Rhassoul Deep Condish and Double Cream as well. 

And when it was time to bring the Bentonite out again, I thought, why not pair it with the Rhassoul and see what happens?

My hair had been in twists all week from the previous wash. I’d moisturised my hair with Aunt Jackie’s Quench and the Coconut Recipes Butter Creme and finished with my oil blend. My hair was in a pretty decent state. It was starting to get dry but nothing too much to worry about.

I took the twists out on Friday night to see how they felt. And then did a loose flat twist halo braid to stop it tangling like crazy  overnight. What you see here is my hair after I took out the halo and separated out each individual twist. It looks  kinda crazy in the picture but I knew I was going into my wash day so I’m okay with temporary crazy 😁










This a close up of the twists from the front of my head. You can see there was some definition there before separating. For me, separating always causes more trouble so I might stop doing it. I’m not like one of those YouTubers that seems to get it perfect every time.







I love these clips so much. I’m not sure how I was sectioning and styling my hair before I bought these! I wasn’t an instant convert to them but it felt like every other YouTuber I’ve seen recently was using them. So I caved in and I’m so glad I did.

The ones I got do snag a little sometimes but that’s the only negative thing I have to say about them. Instead of having to twist and untwist my hair during every part of the wash day experience, I can just safely and quickly clip my hair out of the way and not worry about the clips slipping out.







I sectioned my hair with fingers because at this point it doesn’t need to be super neat. I couldn’t easily get my hair into 4 twists but I can get it easily into 4 sections. These clips have really changed my wash days! My hair has been finger detangled but not thoroughly, just enough to get rid of shed hair and remove the clumping from the twist out.








Anita Grant Bentonite Clay For Hair & Skin

I bought the Bentonite Clay a while ago and I feel so dumb having not started to use it sooner. It’s easy to mix, not half as messy as I expected and most importantly it works for cleansing purposes.







At the moment I’m adding Rose Water and Apple Cider Vinegar to my mix. I’m not really measuring the liquids anymore but I use around a quarter cup of clay. Add the ACV and Rosewater, enough to get a yogurty consistency. I leave it for at least an hour and then add my oils. The oils used were Coconut, Avocado and Macadamia. I don’t really like Coconut Oil anymore but it doesn’t seem to trouble me too much when I’m washing it out. Can’t wait until I’ve used up all the Coconut Oil I have stashed around the house.

The mix might end up being a bit lumpy but that’s okay. Just try and get it as smooth as possible.





It’s weird but using the clay has really brought out a texture in my hair that I never knew I had. I think it’s partly because I just never really got the moisture balance right before and I’m getting ever closer to cracking the moisture retention code.

Btw, if you find that you’ve made too much clay up, just slather it over your face.

If you’ve still got some left, give your décolletage a pamper.

And if you’ve still got some left after that, I don’t know what to tell you, do a full body at home spa treatment or something.







Trust me, my hair does not look like this after I wash with a shampoo or cowash. That clay is a magical thing.











Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish

This little box looks so smart. A very sleek design that would look great in a modern black and white bathroom (disappears on Pinterest for an hour…)

Inside this beautiful cylinder are three Deep Condish cubes, enough for 3 washes.








The ingredients are as pictured – Rhassoul Clay, Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Murumuru Butter et cet era et cet era but most importantly “LOVE!” And I love that!





This is what the Deep Condish looks like. You mix it in 50ml of boiling liquid. I used a plastic fork because I know with Bentonite Clay, the metal would react with it which is something you don’t want. I’m not sure if it’s the same with Rhassoul but turns out I definitely needed a sturdier plastic fork for mixing/stirring. The Condish Cube melts fairly easily. I was very sceptical that I’d have enough from one cube to cover my big old head. But turns out Anita Grant may know a thing or two about hair.








Voila! You now have your “home made” deep conditioner ready to go. I like this because it does have that DIY element but all the hard work has been done for you already. Remember to make sure you leave enough time for it to cool before applying to your hair.









The Rhassoul does have a granular feel in your hair but it spreads nicely. I put it on pretty wet hair so it was flicking watery clay mix all over my bathroom. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. I think next time, I’ll either have less wet hair or put the clay on my hair in the shower rather than over the sink.

Tip: If you get dry skin, if you can, do as much of the wash day over the sink. I hate jumping in and out of the shower during wash day and changing this little bit up has made such a difference to how long it takes and how much my skin dries out (also when I get in the shower I seem to always get very distracted 😂 so the less time in there, the better).

Sometimes, I detangle when I have a DC in my hair and I would never detangle with Bentonite in, but this was a completely different story. I picked a random section to see how the comb would go through and it wasn’t half bad! Not half bad at all!




And that’s how I washed my hair that day! Head over to Part 2 (next week) to see how my hair turned out!
Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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