Length Check – 4 Years!!!!!

Four whole years. Four whole years. FOUR WHOLE YEARS. I could keep saying it but it still wouldn’t sound real. I’ve committed to something for four whole years. And I’m still enjoying it (on the most part). And I’m finding success (even though I’ve redefined what that is a few times). But whew, four whole years.

Type 4 hair is no joke!

Before anyone has a chance to think anything about my ends looking thin, I’m going to say it was unforgiving lighting. Because my hair feels great. There are some split ends, some single strand knots but overall my hair feels strong 💪🏾 and moisturised 🚿. And thanks to lockdown, my manipulation score is like a zero. Each week, I’m doing a wash and go. I throw my hair in plaits on wash day and go.

I’m loving how it looks and how it feels. But to be sure, I might try trimming my hair like in this Bri Hall video next time I get in there, it’s a meticulous method and is going to take a while but it’ll get rid of the dead ends only and that’s what I want. But if I were to survey my hair overall, I’m leaning towards happy, healthy hair.

woeful to frofull length check hair growth

Each time I get to a length check, it’s a time for reflection, especially the year milestone. Year one, two and three have had their ups and downs  but my biggest reflection is that I don’t want tailbone length hair. I mean I’d like it, however, I want my hair to reach it’s full potential. Which could be bum length but it may not. And I’m okay with that. It’s not defeat and I know it may sound a little bit like it is. It’s not even realism. There’ll come a point where I have long healthy hair and that’ll be the perfect point where the amount of time and money I spend on my hair works for me weighed up against how much hair I have.

And with that in mind, I’m no longer getting the old tape measure out for quarterly length checks. Of course, I’ll do visual checks because pretty much every time I pass a mirror when my hair is out or even when it’s in braids, I’m pulling it down to see how long it looks. Even if the last check was like an hour ago! I know you do it too! But the tape measure itself, that’s going to get dusty somewhere only dragged out each November to see where we are. I’ve being saying health over length for a little while now and taking measurements every 3 months doesn’t show that my priorities have changed. Even the annual length check might end up just being visual. We’ll see how I’m feeling come November 2021 at THE FIVE YEAR MARK!

Keeping my hair moisturised is my priority.

Healthy hair is my priority.

Length is nice.

Length shows what I’m doing is working but so does thick, soft, defined, moisturised hair.

I’m only making a few changes overall with my routine. Firstly, once I’ve gone through my product stash, I’m guessing by sometime in 2029(!), I’m planning on being all about consistency and just using the products that have shown they are compatible with my hair. I’m talking about stuff like the Ivy Wild Chebe Growth Cream, Aunt Jackie’s Seal It Up Hydrating Sealing Butter, As I Am Coconut Cowash.

And as much as I’m looking forward to experimenting a little more with what I’ve got in stock, honestly, I can’t wait until I’m consistently only using my true loves and Holy Grails.💖

I’m also going to start adding protein into my routine. I’ve got some Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Packs which I’ll be adding into my weekly deep conditioning every 8 weeks. I’ve really liked it the couple of times I’ve used it so far. I can’t say my hair felt magically different after each use but if you take away the protein aspect, my hair really liked it as a DC. Those added strengthening properties might be something that I can prove in the months, maybe years to come.

woeful to frofull length check hair growth

This last little point isn’t directly hair related but in the same way I’m kind of dumping tracking my hair at every possible opportunity, I’ve also deleted the spreadsheet I’ve got to track monthly blog progress – numbers of views and visitors etc. I’ve got Google Analytics but it’s too detailed and gives me more info than I need. It kind of feels overwhelming for someone who isn’t making money from their blog and Jetpack isn’t working for me so I don’t actually have a reliable way of tracking progress other than my spreadsheet. Instead of trying to find this information, I’m just not going to look into it anymore.

I don’t want to be ruled by numbers.

I write because I like it. Feedback from you guys is always appreciated and in fact, extremely heart warming but I know a lot of people just read and don’t interact so likes (which have also been removed) and comments don’t increase my enjoyment of blogging. I think that’s how you keep it honest. Would you still be doing this if there wasn’t an audience? Do you really love it or do you just love attention?

There’s something to be said for just letting things be. That’s something I want to work on for the year ahead. I talk a big game, give people advice telling them that you can only do what you can do, don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Imma start taking my own advice!

woeful to frofull length check hair growth

Anyways, good luck in your journey, however you want to conduct it. In fact, whatever your journey is – hair, blogging, bettering yourself. Stay true to you and keep going!

Oh and I forgot to say, my hair at my crown was measuring about 30cm 😍

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx


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