Length Check: 2 Years Or 24 Months Or 730 Days

I was bald 2 years ago. Not short hair. Not an iddy biddy chop. It was all gone. I was truly one with my scalp. For about 48 hours until the hair started to grow back. Who knew?! I was actually a little disappointed that the bald phase was so short. But here I am wishing my hair was shorter or longer. What is wrong with people? We’re never happy with what we have!

Two years ago, I started this blog and I wanted to document my journey. That journey was originally, a journey to tailbone length hair. What was I thinking? Concentrating on length, when the ultimate goal is health. I feel like my hair grows slower than a drunk snail going uphill. You can’t get caught up in length when you don’t have any! So you almost have to focus on health because what else is there? Even if you didn’t initially really want to do that. But I’m loving my hair more at this length than I ever expected. Don’t know what the hell to do with it but feeling it nonetheless.

There are good and bad days for sure. But I’ve a pair of clips from Boots that have become my hair’s best friend. Helps me to rock my fro out and proud and to help style it as the mass makes its way through the week. Sort of gives me a very loose mohawk thing. Remember there is very little day to day detangling going on so I’m fighting a battle against bed head every morning!

Am I disappointed in how my hair grows?


I always knew it grew slowly. At the beginning of my journey, I figured what I had previously thought was slow growth was epic breakage due to bad haircare practices. It’d all be fixed during this new journey and I’d have Rapunzel hair before you knew it. Now I know it is just slow growth. But…It. Is. Growing. And I can always put braids in to make it longer temporarily.

New hair, who dis?

Something this journey has taught me is patience…with my hair. It hasn’t changed my whole personality, let’s not be crazy. But I’m able to manage my expectations better. Tailbone length has gone from 5 years to 6 years to sometime in the future, maybe. And that’s okay. It gives me more to blog about and more products to try in the meantime. It’s all good.

Although, speaking of products, if I get my hands on some Melanin Haircare, I might be done. One of the first and biggest blogger/vloggers/ Youtubers has just started her own haircare brand and it looks FYAH! It’s making me think of my endgame, what do I want from my blog? I’m not saying that I want to own a soon to be multimillion dollar haircare business like Naptural85 (it would be nice) but I know I want more. Let’s see what that thought turns into.

Anyway, with all this positive thinking I’ve got distracted from the point of this post. I’m not used to happy thoughts. I actually think it’s giving me a headache. So let’s move on…

It feels like only yesterday that I did my last length check (and it pretty much was because it was way overdue!).

Just tell me how long you’re bloody hair is woman!

It is 17 cm / 6.7 in (I may have found an extra long bit…)

The take home from this is that it’s bloody growing! It’s growing healthy. And I’m growing too.

I’m learning so much about my hair that I can’t even hold all that information in my head. Not to mention, I’m sure this blogging malarkey is teaching me some valuable life skills too!

Anyway, let me know how your journey’s going!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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1 thought on “Length Check: 2 Years Or 24 Months Or 730 Days

  1. Yay! Congrats! Your hair is so lush and full. I agree about expectations versus reality regarding hair growth rate, but by the time you realize it you’re already loving (or at least comfortable with, lol) what you’ve got. And you’re a wonderful writer so I’m sure you can take this blogging thing as far as you want to go.

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