End Of Tub Review: As I Am Coconut CoWash – Cleansing Cream Conditioner

This is a product that my lovely mother bought for me on one of her trips to the US. She’s been there a few times in the last couple of years without me, may I add, no bitterness…at all. I was so excited to crack this open would be an understatement. There are lots of products in lots of lists of the best conditioner, the best co-wash, this and that. I don’t want to be guided by others on MY journey of discovery. I couldn’t ignore all the positive reviews of this product. And the fact that my Mum paid for it, so it was free for me, was a bonus.

There are a lot of things that I’m learning during this process. Cowashing is probably the single biggest change I’ve made. I’m still dedicated to it as I can see the benefits in my hair and all the extra moisture it’s imparting. So after my experience with the Palmer’s Conditioner I was excited to see what an actual dedicated cowash would do for me.

My first impression of the brown tub was a little underwhelming. But on a shelf, this would stand out in the aisles of the usually popping colours of hair care bottles. I opened up the tub and was so ready to just get in there because this stuff smells delicious. To my nasal palette, which isn’t the greatest I’ll admit, this smells like bubblegum. Yum!

The list of ingredients sounds pretty amazing too. Tangerine oil (can help with dry scalp and dandruff), coconut oil (almost everyone knows and loves coconut oil), castor oil (helps to thicken hair and treat hair loss), saw palmetto (pretty much the same as the castor oil so double the goodness with regard to hair loss and thickening) and they all actually come quite high on the ingredients list. It’s obvious they are regarded quite highly by the manufacturers. They aren’t just there to make the product sound good, they are in there to do the work.

Now I prepoo with coconut oil before every wash. I think having a wash product with coconut oil in is a great compliment to that. It has a super thick consistency and when applied to your hair, it instantly makes it feel smoother, silky (yes, even my type 4 hair!), softer and less tangled. Not that my hair knots a lot due to its current length but it melts the little tangles away. I’m pretty convinced that if I had actual full on lazy-natural-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-detangle knots, it would definitely help in getting rid of them.

It has a gentle no suds formula and although it doesn’t lather, your hair feels really clean afterwards. Due to an error on my part (being lazy and not checking my notebook) I missed my normal bi-weekly cleansing or shampooing wash and I was terrified that my hair would start to feel greasy and overloaded with product but this cowash did as good a job as a shampoo but not as squeaky clean as an ACV rinse  which is not surprising at all. I haven’t met anything that cleans as well as ACV yet.

This little mistake was one of the reasons I started washing with shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar every 4 weeks rather than every 2 weeks. It gave me the confidence that a conditioner really can be enough and you don’t need to use shampoo as often to have a clean scalp and hair. A great conditioner and a regular cleansing regimen is the way forward for me.

as i am coconut cowashI left this one hot day on the window sill and the heat from the sun warmed it through. It actually seemed to work even better. I was loving it before and loving it even more after that.

The biggest negative I faced while using this was the wash day I had to share it with the kids.

That was a dark time.

In the kids looser textured hair, I could feel how soft it was making it feel. Even though I have faith that it would detangle like a boss, they were not having any of it. Like literally trying to crawl up the tiles away from me and my detangling hands and/or comb and/or Denman’s. I tried a lot of different methods that day to no avail.

And as I don’t want to share, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned if they want to miss out on this As I Am goodness. For the selfish parent out there like me, As I Am do a kids line called Born Curly  that might be worth a try. If it wasn’t for my issues with sharing, I’d be all for the kids having some of this Coconut Cowash.

In conclusion, I just honestly really liked this cowash. It makes my hair feel good, it smells good and I just want more! I was really impressed and turns out sometimes things do live up to the hype.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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