Length Check – One Year

I hadn’t envisaged having to take out a braid to do my length check. I definitely hadn’t thought through the timing of installing my first set of braids either. I was a bit busy in November so this post is a little late. But November 1st 2017 marked 1 year since I shaved all my hair off and felt the cool winter breeze blowing over my scalp. I have to admit I miss those few days of baldy baddie life! It really was such a short time. I suppose I could just shave it all off again! Ideas…

No, I am definitely not doing that! My goal, and I am still not sure what I was thinking when I set it, is about 60cm of hair. Honestly, will I get there? I don’t know but after 1 year, I’m just over a sixth of the way. Yes, that’s right, one whole sixth (11cm). There will be hard times, breakage, tears and tangles but I’ll keep striving for that tailbone length. Some people would think that hair that long would be too long to deal with but considering shrinkage, I’ll probably look like I’m wearing a buzz cut for the rest of my life.

I jest, I’m actually quite proud of my little fro. The August picture is pretty much how it looks now since I had a little trim not long after posing. It doesn’t look that good everyday though, in fact, at times it looks a little unkempt. I’m struggling to find ways to even it out without further trimming as I don’t want to brush or comb it every day. And I have to keep it moisturised which ruffles it a bit. But I would prefer to look a little less than perfect if it means my hair is healthy. It shrinks unevenly as it dries during the day and I “suppose” I’m okay with that. Although I think I might start taking a spray bottle of Aloe Vera and a Denman brush with me everywhere I go if it starts looking a little crazy.

But I’ve noticed that it isn’t just with my natural hair that I have a bit of an unkempt look. If you look at my recent 30 styles styling challengemost styles have a rebel hair. I guess it’s just my signature! But back to the natural hair. I’ve decided that this first couple of weeks after releasing my hair from the braids, the fro will fly free. She deserves a break but especially over the winter, I will more likely than not have a protective style in, box braids, crochet braids with synthetic hair or two strand twists with my own hair since it turns out I like it so much.

I still can’t believe I’ve gone a whole year without heat. That I’ve done a whole year with deep conditioning almost every single week. I can’t believe I feel better about myself after just one year. And all it took were my husband’s clippers and a little bravery. I’d hoped that as well as learning more about my hair, starting a blog and writing often that it would improve my feelings about myself. Give me a little boost of confidence. And hell yes it has! I would say to everyone, shave your head or start a blog or  do the thing that you think is going to make you happy. It might not make you happy but then you’re one step closer to finding out what will make you happy.

It turns out a natural hair journey is just another way of describing a journey of self discovery. I am not defined by my hair. I am not defined by how I look. But being at peace with those things can help how I feel. This is just the start of something greater. Let’s see where we are at the end of year two. Thanks for joining me so far.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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