Bringing Back (Basic) Skincare

My healthy, happy, clear skin journey started so well. I was cleansing, toning and moisturising like a pro. But I fell off that wagon a couple of years ago now. Now, I want to bring back my skincare routine, a basic one, but something a little bit more refined than what I’m doing. But only a little. I don’t have time for a 21 step Korean skincare regimen. We are keeping it simple over here!

My skin is looking the best it’s looked in a while and I’m not doing much so why potentially spoil the progress by making a change? Because I am my own saboteur.

But really, I like the routine of it when I’m in it. It’s easy for me to fall out of the routine but when I’m in it, I’m all in. I love massaging the products in, I love feeling like I’m putting the work in and I love a good face mask. Now because I’m doing pretty good at the moment, I don’t want to go crazy. Therefore, I’m keeping it basic but not being basic.

Currently, I wash my face and moisturise and do a mask occasionally. That’s it. But we’re going to level up a little bit. Washing my face twice daily, scrubbing a few times a week, and 2 masks should do the trick! Plus a serum or two.

Girl, Wash Your Face

I’ve been washing my face with a Frankenstein mix of Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash and The Skin System Creamy Face Wash because separately they suck but together they suck less. Okay, so that’s a little dramatic but together, they are surprisingly good. However, once that mix is done, I’m done with it. In it’s place, I decided to try the Camille Rose Turmeric Cleansing Bar.

I’ve wanted to try Turmeric for a while as it supposedly helps with hyperpigmentation but as I’ve read more and more about it, I’ve realised my skin is pretty awesome as it is. The only thing I really need to “fix” is under my eyes. I hate that I always look tired but the scars and unevenness, I can live with because my skin feels amazing and looks smooth. Plus I was scared of the staining people talk about when DIYing with Turmeric – it stains your skin, your sink, your bath, your pillows. I’ll try it in a nice little soap instead, thank you!

Girl, Scrub Your Face

I love a good scratchy scrub and the YourGoodSkin Blackhead Clearing Scrub is an absolute winner for me. But I’ve just Googled it to make sure I got the name right (because I can’t be arsed going upstairs to check and I hadn’t uploaded the picture yet) and it looks like it’s discontinued. I am…😢. This does explain why it was so cheap when I was buying it and completely justifies the 4 I bought in the space of a month. I have two left and I’m going to make them last. It’s got some quite strong ingredients in so they recommend you only use it 2 to 3 times a week anyway and that’s fine by me. However, there is an Energizing Facial Scrub that seems to have replaced it which is probably inferior but I’ll still give it a go.

I Don’t Know Why I Do This Step But I Do

When I picked some YourGoodSkin products to review a little while ago, as part of that haul I tried the Skin Balancing Concentrate. I didn’t know exactly what it did, still don’t know but I like YourGoodSkin products and if they say you should use it (which they do on almost every single one of their products) then I will. It’s a very thin, light lotion/ serum/ base and you only use a very minimal amount according to their literature.

Before I start that, I’m finally using a Lancome sample that I’ve had lurking in the cupboard for years. Again this is used after washing but before moisturising. It’s the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate which is a serum and I think the first serum I’ve ever actually tried. It’s only 5ml so it won’t last long but my skin seems to like it. But once that runs out – onto the tried and tested Skin Balancing Concentrate (a 60ml tube lasts 2 to 3 months).

Moisturise Me

I love a good moisturiser and I’ve definitely found one in the lovely Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Lotion. I mean, it still has to be tested through a harsh British winter but it’s done much better than most lotions I’ve ever tried. That will be what I use by day.

By night, well…I’m still stuck with the monster mash up but to be fair, it seems to be treating my skin quite well.

And That’s That!

Flashback to my short hair and when I remembered to look after my skin!

Except for face masks – which will be my DIYs with Almond Butter, Bentonite Clay and whatever else I have taking space in my product cupboard. And there is a lot in there, sheet masks, peel offs, clays etc. I’ve got masks sorted!

I like to keep things simple and easy because that increases the chances that I’ll actually do it. A wash, scrub, serum and lotion seem to be working quite well for me at the moment and I’m hoping the new things I’m adding, the Camille Rose soap and the (not so new to me) Skin Balancing Concentrate only enhance the situation because my skin is looking and feeling pretty nice right now. Long may it continue!

Let’s keep glowing together!

xx Lee xx

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  1. Time for me to get back on the wagon too! (We are knocking on the same door and mine is only a month away. Eek.) And I’m with you on keeping it simple. 3 or 4 steps max. Complicated recommendations are so intimidating. Well, I’m off to do more research (sigh).

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