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I wasn’t in the market for more skin care products or any products at all. I’m a product junkie and I’ve pretty much filled my shelf in the bathroom. And spilled onto the other shelf. And in another cupboard too. Not to mention the products that are out because I’m actually using them. They are everywhere, down the side of the sofa, on windowsills, even in the fridge. So the only thing to do would be…to buy more obviously. In steps YourGoodSkin.

I had a £5 off the Balancing Skin Concentrate voucher from a previous purchase at Boots. I had no idea what it was so I ignored it for a couple of weeks. But then I noticed the product was being featured prominently throughout the store so I had a little look on one of the temporary stands, and the packaging drew me in. It clearly doesn’t need the box but it looks cute, right? In fact, I think the product coffin is a little bit over manufactured. I call it a coffin because you lay the product to rest in the box which fits it perfectly and is lined with gold material.

The box is specifically for this product with its own little pullout inside with a really helpful guide of how your skin should be looking over the 28 day period. There is also a scale on the side of the pump bottle that shows you how many days of product you have left. It recommends 2 pumps per use, day and night. And it’s nice to know what you’ve used and plan to buy more if you are so inclined.

So for my £11.99 what did I get? Well what I wasn’t expecting were emails directing me to the YourGoodSkin community and app. I guess because I bought it from my favourite Boots with my Advantage Card it linked them to my details. I’m not mad about it but I definitely wasn’t expecting it. This was the beginning of a series of emails guiding me through their #GoodSkinIn28 programme. I wondered whether I was joining a cult or a community? If it’s a cult, at least it’s a cult of people who want better skin, so it can’t be all that bad. I thought the constant messages would annoy me but I found them uplifting, encouraging and informative. It’s more than a product, it’s an experience.

One of my emails told me the product aims to restore and maintain skins natural balance by  improving the 5 keys signs of healthy looking skin. These are skin texture, skin tone evenness, radiance, moisture levels and oiliness. They also have some useful videos on their website taking you through each point.

As well as the online programme, on the tag in the box of the Balancing Skin Concentrate they explain how your skin should be feeling at various points over the 28 days. But before we get into the 28 day programme, I had to come to the realisation that the Balancing Skin Concentrate isn’t a moisturiser. I’m not really sure how to describe it, I suppose it’s like a primer for moisturiser or a serum. It contains Green Tea, Japanese Lily Turf, Vitamin C and E. I was especially interested with what the first two ingredients can do for your skin. Green Tea is said to be good for inflammation, wrinkles and acne. And the Japanese Lily Turf? This is a wonder ingredient that improves the skin’s appearance and helps with retaining moisture.

And this is what 2 pumps looks like, not a lot at all..

Once I realised that I needed to use a lotion too, instead of going for a previous favourite (Soap and Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel), I went all in and bought the YGS SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream and the ProVitamin Overnight Cream. I hope I haven’t left it too late to start using sun protection on a regular basis but I like all my lotions to have it in now. Long after the 28 days of using the Concentrate and even though I’ve had breakouts since (having a fairly bad one right now), my skin feels so soft, morning until night. It’s a lovely moisturising combo.

“Day 01 Today’s skin feels smoother & softer.”

I wouldn’t say I felt a difference after day 1. Not noticeable anyway. But honestly after day 2 or 3, it was obvious something good was happening.

Day 7

After 1 week, I was warned that there might be some “blips” getting used to the new routine. This shows how well they know their field because I did have some spots appear but overall my skin felt amazing.

“Day 14 Half way there. Skin tone looks more even & pores are less visible.”

Day 27

“We hope we’ve changed the way you think & feel about your skin. A big high-five to you, & all those on this journey with you. The benefits of the YourGoodSkin(TM) should be clearly visible when you look in the mirror now.”

On the penultimate day, I had to say that I was feeling pretty good. I hadn’t been 100% consistent but there is something in this formulation that is awesome. And my skin was just lapping it up.

“Day 28 Skin is visibly healthier with less concerns, just more good skin days.”

Now I had taken a before and after photo and as luck would have it, I lost them. I don’t know where, I don’t know how but I’m pretty pissed. It’s not because you would be able to see a massive difference through the screen, what you would have needed to do was feel my face. I wouldn’t let you feel my face mind you but if you did, wow! My skin felt so soft, so smooth, just so god damn good! The only thing I could compare it to was after using the Soap & Glory range. Which is quite impressive because I was only using moisturisers of the YGS. Think how good I could feel if I used the whole range, went full YourGoodSkin!

YourGoodSkin has a great range of products that I’d like to try such as a Hot Cloth Cleanser, Brightening Exfoliating Facial Wash, a Softening Facial Brush, Soothing Lip Balm, Blemish Clearing Active Treatment Tonic among other things. I believe there are over 20 products in the range and they do a great job of covering almost all skin complaints. And the range was “co-created with 1000s of women” which means they took their research seriously, and it shows. It looks good, it works and they want you to be knowledgeable, not just about what their products can do for your skin but about great habits for your skin in general.

The other products I used during the majority of the 28 days and for a little time after were the Boots Essential Cucumber Scrub and Lotion and Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash. I liked this combo quite a lot and I would highly recommend the Kalamazoo. A full review of that will be coming soon.

On a negative note, I was kind of annoyed that a few weeks in, I was sent an email encouraging me to buy some more of the Concentrate, I hadn’t finished their 28 day challenge yet. I mean I was probably going to do it anyway, but I don’t like being told what to do. And as silly as it sounds, I didn’t want them to think they’re marketing had worked on me and I was buying because I felt pressured. I would have been buying it because I liked it.


yourgoodskin selfieNow I said I was a little peeved that I lost my before and after pictures so this one will have to do instead. This was taken when my Mum was celebrating her 60th recently, not long after completing the 28 days. We went to the InterContinental in London for afternoon tea and then onto the Royal Albert Hall to watch Cirque. I normally wear makeup on special occasions and if this had been any other year I would have done so again. BUT this time, a little brow powder, eyeliner and bright red lipstick (not pictured) were all I needed. I was confident enough to go out without foundation to somewhere fancy because I felt good about putting my best face forward. Thank you YourGoodSkin.

I will be buying more but because I want to!

Let’s keep glowing together!

xx Lee xx

What do you think about skin care being more than just the product but support and info too?

Please note I bought all this, so my views only! 🙂

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