The Inversion Method Part 2 – So How Was It For You?

This post is beyond late in catching up with my 6 month trial of the Inversion Method. I think the delay reflects how I feel about it. I can’t even tell you how much time I’ve spent putting off writing this conclusion. Here it is, better late than never, I guess! So if you’re good with hints, you’ll realise I’m not exactly enthusiastic about all of this…

So just a quick recap on what the Inversion Method is since it’s been so long since I wrote about it last. Here’s a pin I found which describes it quite succinctly.

I used a 50/50 mix of JBCO and Sweet Almond Oil.

You can check out some other great haircare hints and tips I’ve discovered over on my Pinterest.

Sounds really simple, right? Well it is. The real question is whether it’s effective…

I first talked about it in a post on the 5th June 2017. Coincidentally, one year ago today! I didn’t mean for that to be the case but since I only did the method for 6 months and I’m writing about it now, let’s say I wasn’t the most enthusiastic. I missed a month due to not feeling well and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

Now, whilst in the midst of this upside down period of my life, I was spouting nonsense like “I don’t want to jump the gun by saying it’s working but I think my hair has grown a little longer than it did in the first 6 months [of my journey].” I had so much hope for that second 6 month chunk of the journey from baldness. I was full of hope and optimism that I had found a great way of increasing my growth rate and breaking through the 0.5 inch per month average for the rest of the world.

I had to do a trim during the method where I lost a minimal amount, so the overall result was 1.96 inches or just under 5 cm. My first 6 months was 2.38 inches or 6 cm, so basically considering the trim, it made literally no difference. And I have to be honest, I’m a little glad it didn’t work. Because I didn’t enjoy it one bit by the end. And I can’t be arsed to put myself through this again. It was only like 10 minutes out of my day, for one week a month, but I’d rather just moisturise my hair, do a little scalp massage and move on.

My last session was just before I put my first post-chop braids in. And I think that probably did more for my hair. Just a good old protective style.

So the conclusion, I guess you can do it as a bit of self-care, taking some time for yourself, nourishing your scalp and concentrating on you. Other than that, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Sorry if this post doesn’t have my usual oomph and positivity but I was a bit deflated that this didn’t yield results for me. I’m not a fool to believe outlandish claims but this all sounded legit. Maybe it’s just me, I could have been doing something wrong or my hair just didn’t respond to this or maybe it just doesn’t work.

I normally like to think that I’ll give something another go but really, this is a nah from me. Something I do want to commit to is more scalp massages because they do feel nice, stimulate the scalp and I believe they do aid in growth. And I can do that all quite happily without having to be upside down.

My hair isn’t growing mega fast, but it is growing faster than I can ever remember. I just don’t think the Inversion Method is adding anything to the mix.

Let’s keep growing together (but not with this method)!

xx Lee xx

Have you tried this? Any tips in the unlikely even I give it another go?

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