The Inversion Method Part 1 – Upside Down You’re Turning Me…

I came across the Inversion Method on Pinterest because people claiming they can grow their hair 1 inch in 1 week is pin worthy indeed. And yes, that is what they claim. Obviously you can’t verify the timeframe of people’s before and after. But as there doesn’t seem to be a wonder product that’s being advertised, I can’t see why people would lie. Oh how gullible I am! I suppose it could be a conspiracy between all the hair oil companies in the world. However, I’ll try not to be too cynical. There are a lot more people out there saying it works than those saying it doesn’t but I’ve found a few that say 1 inch in a week is impossible which I tend to agree with, at least for my hair anyway.

So what is the Inversion Method I hear you ask in the back? It’s a way to increase blood flow to your scalp which will (supposedly) aid in hair growth. Needless to say, I’m all in.

You heat up some of your favourite oil, I’ll be using Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. You massage your scalp with the oil making sure to massage the whole scalp and have a thin layer of oil over your whole head. After your done, flip your head over (the inversion).

When I first heard about this, the idea of holding my head between my legs for 4 minutes was not appealing. I then read a few articles where people suggested you just hang your head over the side of the bed while lying on your back or hanging over the edge of your sofa. So knowing you could do that too made me want to try it more. You should be inverted (whichever method you use) for 3-5 minutes.  Slowly bring yourself the right way round and done. Repeat every night for a week every 4 weeks. Sounds simple enough to me.

After my first go in mid-May I would definitely recommend the warm oil massage but I think I’ll try my head between my legs or hanging over the side of the bed because my back and neck did not feel good after using the sofa. I don’t think it was deep enough to lie on so I was a bit scrunched up trying not to fall off. I also thought I wasn’t going to last the 4 minutes but it flew by in a flash and I didn’t feel light-headed or nauseous at all.

My first week I needed to wash my hair mid-week because I may have been a little heavy-handed with the oil. When I say a little heavy-handed, I mean extremely heavy-handed to the point that I was so paranoid that someone might touch my hair and instead of me being indignant about it, they’d be disgusted by what they saw and felt. I washed my hair and man did that feel good and planned on using like 90% less oil going forward because from experience my hair does not get on well with a mid-week wash. Remember though, you don’t need to use oil at all, you can just massage with your fingers but I do like the feeling of the warm oil.

And not that you really need to know, I stopped for a couple of days due to Aunt Flo coming to visit and it’s recommended that you don’t do the Inversion Method or yoga inversions while she’s around (which I found out from this blog post on Hair Diary which is really informative about the method). I realised that I would have to reschedule future inversions because it would fall on the same week every month which is really annoying as it messes up my hair notebook having to change things round.

It’s doubly annoying as I wanted to do the Inversion Method in the run up to my cleansing wash day when I do my ACV rinse. Although some say it’s not necessary to stop during this delicate time. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. So I’ll bring it forward a week to week 3 of my wash cycle rather than week 4. I will use less oil or none at all and hope the co-washing is enough. Or I’ll have to throw in a little shampoo if it isn’t.

My plan is to do this once every 4 weeks for the next 6 months as a direct comparison to the first 6 months of my journey. With the caveat, as long as there are no adverse effects. I’ll be doing my normal 12 weekly length checks. I’ll try my best to not get too caught up in how much it’s growing until I get to my hairversary on November 1st 2017. I should be able to protective style more as my hair gets longer. That will help with length retention but I am hopeful that this method will make a difference also. Personally, I think that concentrating on massaging my scalp will do more good than the inverting. But what would I know? I spent almost 10 years pretty much neglecting my hair.

So to put things into perspective, my hair grew about 2 and 3/8th inches (around 6 cm) in the first 6 months. The average for the world is half an inch a month. So I could’ve got 3 inches if I was average! My hair obviously grows slower than that and I would hope to get at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) in my next 6 months. I don’t think that seems like a completely unrealistic goal for this method which is meant to be so effective. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t seem like a lot but every millimetre counts on the journey to tailbone length.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Part 2 available from 5 June 2018, find out why it took me so long to conclude this little experiment…

Comments welcome below.  Have you tried this? Did it work for you or where you disappointed? How long did you keep it up?

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