Hair I Need – 30 Styles For The Year Ahead (Pt. 3)

And we’re in the final stretch of styles I’m never going to try but I’m going to try to try them. You get what I’m saying, right?

Have you had a chance to try any of the styles from part 1 or part 2 yet? I haven’t but there’s a whole year ahead…to not try them.

21. Nicki Minaj In Black

Image Source: HuffPost

I don’t even like Nicki Minaj that much, I promise, only a bit…but I love her like this. I think this is her natural hair (doesn’t matter if it isn’t), it looks so sleek and chic and magnifique. Sorry, there was a rhyming thing happening and I thought I’d just go with it. Anyway, sometimes the simplest styles are the biggest deal, we can get caught up in doing something different and wild, we forget that simple and pretty can have an equally forceful impact. I think she looks the most beautiful like this and it would be something different for me to try as I don’t think I’ve had a long, straight, dark style before.

22. I Dare You

Image Source – Pinterest

I dare you because I will not be shaving an inch off my few inches to achieve this style but I wish I had experimented with something similar when I was starting my journey off. But I think I saw a YouTube tutorial to achieve something like this without losing any hair. Then it might be a possibility for me.

23. The Twisted Updo

Image Source – Pinterest

I do not have the skill to pull this off, not even nearly close. But it’s something I’d like to work towards over the next couple of years. A good protective style in your styling arsenal is essential. At the moment, I’m a loose twist kind of girl but I’d love to be able to rock something like this.

24. Wrap Queen

Oh, it’s just me making a little appearance in my list. I count head wraps as hairstyles because they go on your head and look cool and I only tend to drag my wraps out when I’m having a bad hair day. That doesn’t do them justice because you can be so creative with them.

25. A Rose By Any Other Name

Instagram – BraidedAndBlonde

Oh, just a casual style for a random Tuesday.

26. Tree Braids

Image Source – The Right Hairstyles

This is a bit like the twisted updo above, I do my own hair but I can’t do this. I’d love to, so off to WikiHow, You Tube and using a little common sense to figure it out. Practice makes perfect and it’s not beyond me, it’ll just take some time. A lot of time, actually.

27. Large Curls

Image Source: Pinterest

Big, juicy curls. That’s what we all want. Or at least that’s the ideal that’s sold to us. But hey, sometimes, you just like what you like.

28. Boho Locs

Image Source – Boholocs

It’s funny how you have one image of locs in your head but they can be so varied and beautiful, from the Boho Locs pictured here, to Sisterlocks (like my mum has) or freeform locs. Not all are achievable as a temporary measure but Boho Locs are. Unless, your plan for 2019 is to go down a dread journey. It’s a huge decision to make if you decide to go down the permanent route but even that’s not permanent. I didn’t realise you could take dreads out, I thought you just have to cut it all of but no, you don’t. So it makes dreads, temp or “permanent” a viable option.

29. Bun It Up

Image Source – The Right Hairstyle

Is my hair long enough to achieve a bun yet? This is my hope for 2019. Where are you in your hair journey? Ready for a bun or no?

30. Powerpuff Girls

Image Source – Instagram

I don’t even know if a bun is possible so this might be a step too far? Got to end on a high note though. Hair should be fun, extravagant, make you feel special and happy. So yes, there is some great inspiration in this post but you know what? Just do you! Long, short, rainbow, curly, straight…Just. Do. You.

And in one sentence I’ve made this whole list redundant. There’s 6 or so evenings I’m not getting back!

Which of these styles are you itching to give a go? I think realistically I may go for…hmmm, I’ll keep you guessing! Or I’ll stick to my old faves and be boring…

Let’s keep growing together (and trying to try new things)!

xx Lee xx

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