Ending My Product Junkie Ways: Update April 2021

Just a quick update on my product hoard. I have added to it but I had to? Yes, that is supposed to be a question 😂 and yes I used the cry laugh emoji because I am that old!

I bought some more Felicia Leatherwood brushes so we now have one each. I was sick of having to clean in-between not just uses, but uses per person (x4). They’re not hard to clean at all, in fact you just need to pull out all the hair you can with your fingers and then just rinse off the remaining product residue under the tap. It’s that simple but still annoying. However, when I bought them, I didn’t quite qualify for free delivery so I decided to make the order up to over £50 and buy some Aunt Jackie’s Coco Repair deep conditioner which we all loved the last time I bought it. It’s not breaking my purchasing rules because it isn’t a new-to-us product but I didn’t really need any more deep conditioners.

Anyhoo, apart from a little shuffling around from cupboard to cupboard, the overall stash has reduced significantly since my last update. I’m actually really enjoying using things I’ve bought *shock* and I can’t wait until I’ve got through all those damn shampoos! (But with mainly cowashing, that feels like an unattainable dream this side of 2030!) I’ve got a few more products to go through before we start our next product ranges which will be the Revlon Realistic for cleansing and conditioning and Camille Rose for moisture and styling. So excited!!!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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