End Of The Bottle Review: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner

One of the things I told myself when I started this blog and shaved all my hair off was to not to be afraid to use different products, to trial as much as I could and feed my curiosity. It’s a good thing that I enjoy it so much as I’m always excited to try something new and see how my hair or my kid’s hair reacts.

The first use of this was a bit of a disaster. I put my littlest baby in the bath, opened the conditioner ready to go and put it on the radiator while the older two got undressed ready to get in too and as little ones often do, baby in the bath shamelessly did a wee in the bath he was supposed to be sharing with his brother and sister. I swiftly fished him out, got him dry, emptied the bath, rinsed it out and started running it again. In the midst of the “Pee Panic”, I must have knocked over the conditioner and only noticed when I saw it dripping down in large blobs onto the floor. Now in most instances I would have tried to salvage what I could but as I’m a lazy housekeeper hadn’t cleaned behind my radiators for a while, the conditioner did that job for me catching all the dust. I must have lost about 3 weeks worth of washes?

Anyway, after that little fiasco I actually used the conditioner to wash the kid’s hair. As it had been sitting on the radiator it had warmed through and felt lovely and creamy going into their hair creating lots of slip which enabled me to do a quick finger detangling. I have to say that it almost dissolved the tangles on the baby but he does have softest hair. The middle child wasn’t as easy and my daughter was even less so┬áBUT it definitely did help. The wetter the hair, the better it works. I often have to squeeze out some of the water in their hair as they all moan about it getting in their eyes so the haor is usually danp rather than wet and when I put the conditioner in I thought this is a load of…anyway, I added more water and it’s like using a different product. Their hair felt light and fluffy after it air-dried, there wasn’t much definition (which I wouldn’t really expect before adding oils/ creams/gels) when dry.

I think something I like to focus on when using a new product is how it smells and this smells *drum roll please* completely underwhelming. Luckily a scent isn’t actually that important and doesn’t affect how well a product works or at least it shouldn’t. It just affects your enjoyment of it. If you’ve tried any Flora & Curl products or read my review of them, you’ll know how much the sensory aspect of a product can make a difference to the experience of using it.

While using this product, I think on wash day 2 out of the 3 I was actually able to complete due to the above mentioned Radiator Incident, I was a bit disappointed with its cleaning power on a week where I used more products. So normally I use Shea Butter as the C in my LOC Method (Leave in, Oil and Cream/ Butter to LOCk in moisture). But I had started using the Cantu Kids Curling Cream as the last layer of daily products. I was trying to get more curl definition in their hair as well as better hydration. When I washed their hair, it just didn’t feel clean. If I hadn’t used the conditioner before and had good results, I would have thought it was useless. There was a residue on their hair and it just felt greasy. It’s a no-no if you’ve been using thicker, heavier products, in my opinion.

It was a bit of a disappointment because it does work to moisturise but it didn’t work well to properly clean. Luckily we do not Co-Wash exclusively in my house, we shampoo or ACV rinse once a month. And I wouldn’t hold the lack of cleaning ability against it if it was just a conditioner but it specifically calls itself a cleansing conditioner. I’ve seen a lot of people swear by Carol’s Daughter and especially the Hair Milk range. I suppose not everything works for everyone and that’s why there are so many products out there and it did work during the week we used lighter products.

I didn’t buy the conditioner this time (it was a part of the haul from my mother) and I only might buy it again if I know that I’ll be using less or lighter products. So actually, that isn’t really good enough so I probably wouldn’t buy it. Eeek! Sounds a bit harsh when you put it in print.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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