End Of The Range Review: Flora & Curl

It’s possible you may not have heard of Flora & Curl but if you have a few curly ladies on your Instagram feed you may have seen them using this new British brand of beautifully handmade hair products to treat their curls and coils and it is such a treat!

I can’t say I’ve been following them since day 1, I’ve only actually had my Instagram account since October of last year but I was there on product launch day with my debit card eagerly waiting to be able to buy some, proud to be what I hoped was the first order. Honestly though, I don’t think I was quick enough for that. Because I had signed up before launch day I was treated to a welcome code which made it significantly cheaper. Although not actually cheap by my frugal standards.

The range is quite small at the moment. Basically everything you need for the LOC Method which is a full proof way of locking moisture into your hair. I happily ordered the Complete Moisture Therapy Kit (here) for just under £40. This is made up of the Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist, African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil and the Flower Garden Hair Butter. I ordered on the 12th April and received my order on the 18th.

The thing that enticed me was their beautiful Instagram feed, filled with curly girls and plants, lots of plants. It is a very natural botanical brand. The website is very simple and elegant. In the same way the small range may seem very limiting, it is very uncluttered and you know exactly what you’re getting. They have, pardon the poor choice of words, stripped moisturising your hair down to the essentials. I’m sure as they expand, they’ll have all the usual shampoos, conditioners, gels, edge control etc. For now though, they’re keeping it to simple and effective products.

I really would suggest going over to their site and reading up on their philosophy. I can’t put it half as well as them but it’s all about pure, natural, nature respecting hair care.

After using up some of my other products, I was ready to start using this at the beginning of May 2017. I was a little disappointed because by the 24th of May all of my Flower Garden Hair Butter was gone. Only made more annoying is that the first thing to go, was my favourite of the bunch. I definitely couldn’t afford to buy this every month though.

I thought I was being very sensible with the amounts I used. But due to dry hair I do have to moisturise twice a day at the moment. However, it has been the first time in my journey when I’ve gotten to my evening moisturising without ridiculously dry hair but I’ve had to do moisturise anyway because I know my hair wouldn’t last the night. I would love to have hair that only needed to be tended to a few times a week. I’d be happy with once a day!

All three products left my hair feeling soft, without feeling weighed down which is something of a struggle. Let’s face it, I use too much of everything. Due to the price of the kit and the size of the bottles and tubs, I tried my damnedest to be sparing with it all. The mist is lasting longer than expected and oils can be stretched out for a very long time. The whole time I was using the products I wouldn’t have had a problem with someone touching my hair. I don’t think I’d be worried about their being an oily residue everywhere. It’s always a plus to not feel like you’re leaving a slug trail of hair products everywhere you go.


I think I had a duff bottle of the Hair Mist because it just wouldn’t spray and I had to pour it into one of my own spray bottles (bought from Wilkos) which also helped me get my hair into the dampened state that I like. The mist in its original bottle just seemed to take too many pumps to do anything but smelled amazing. When sprayed onto slightly damp hair or from a generic spray bottle it worked a treat. I suppose it is called a mist, I think I just prefer rain!

The oil is the just the right consistency between thin and unworkable, thick and icky. I used it as a warm oil once during my attempt of the Inversion Method and as I predicted it felt and smelt delightful. I’d definitely recommend as a regular scalp massage oil. I don’t think it will sit on your scalp and clog your pores the way something like castor oil does for some and it smells way better.

The Flower Garden Hair Butter looks like a strawberry mousse and has the lightness of it too. This stuff is whipped to perfection and it’s so ridiculously airy. The label does warn you that there may be lumps in there. And even though it could feel a little grainy at times, you just need to rub it in your hands to get to that useable consistency that means you can work it through your hair and seal in all the moisture from the first two products.

So to conclude…

The whole kit works so well together and when combined the smell reminds me of sherbet, something delightfully sweet. The bottles are a little smaller than I would personally like. But this is because I liked using them all so much and didn’t want to get to the end of any. The price reflects its handmade manufacture and some of the wonderful ingredients that have been sourced (such as Rose Flower Water, Jasmine Oil, Lavender Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Manketti Oil, Papaya Oil, Tangerine Fruit Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea to name a few).

It’s the stuff of a Naturalista’s wish list. I know from experience that a lot of those oils are very expensive to buy on their own. So to create these perfectly blended products takes time, effort, experimentation, skill and money. It could take me a lifetime to figure out the formulation to make my own. So I won’t bother!

Did I mention that there was a handwritten note and a freebie included too? I haven’t used my Wild Mint Clay Earth Cleansing Hair Wash yet. However I have no doubt that it works and works well. Or I could be being presumptuous and it could make my hair fall out…I highly doubt that if the rest of the collection is anything to go by.

Anyway, all I can say is that my last dollop of magic is gone and I’m so sad… Can’t wait to get the chance to try these all again!

Let’s keep growing together!

Comments welcome below. Will you give it a try?

Please note I have not been paid/ sponsored or compensated in any way for this review. If you’d like to send me free stuff I wouldn’t say no! 😛


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  1. Hey just wondered if you attempted doing a wash and go with these products? Also I deep condition each week, could I skip that if I started using these products

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