End Of Tube Review: Cantu Care For Kids Curling Cream

Damn that tube looks like it’s seen some things. Bashed to hell, the label coming off in my hand every time I touch it. I have to admit that I’m a bit on the fence about how important curl patterns are to me and my kids. Sometimes its a thing that bothers me. Other days I’m just grateful that all of my little people stayed still long enough for me to spritz their hair. First and foremost, I’m interested in all of our hair being properly moisturised. Healthy hair will look good and that is ultimately the goal. Healthy hair. Curls come second until I fall under the pressure of the perfect coils and curls that I peep on Instagram! Damn social media and its unattainable beauty standards!

Now obviously I have bought a curling cream. The Cantu Care For Kids Curling Cream to be exact. So even though pretty curls aren’t necessarily the goal, I was hoping they would be a nice side effect. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this but I know that Cantu is a respected brand and it does not contain the usual suspects of hair nasties (sulphates, parabens, mineral oil) or gluten, which I hadn’t even realised was an issue for hair care. The whole point of this journey is to learn something new. Gluten free hair care, check!

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I have to start with how it smells. Not because it’s important in general but because it’s important to me. In my opinion it smells lovely. It doesn’t have a distinctive aroma that I could compare it to. But it’s a smell you wouldn’t mind your hair having. It has the consistency of a thick body lotion but it can leave behind a bit of a residue, so don’t use too much.

According to the label, it can be used in 2 different ways – the first way it can be used is on dry hair. I don’t like doing anything on dry hair. Brushing, styling, even touching it. The first time I did use it on dry hair, the 2 big kids’ hair bad been in braids all week. As I wasn’t trying to do a braidout or anything like that, I didn’t mind spraying their hair with water and it potentially reverting. I lightly sprayed their hair with leave in (Aloe Vera Juice and water) mostly at the ends. Then oiled my fingers to reduce friction when taking the braids down.  As I expected, the hair was not very defined from the braids, I put this down mainly to a lack of gel or hair spray.

The curling cream was applied to the hair and gently scrunched in with me sort of fluffing the roots with my fingers. While at the roots, I did a little scalp massage, because you have to. One of the claims of the cream is to tame frizz. I would say my daughter’s hair which can be quite frizzy on top did seem less frizzy. Not by much but there was a noticeable difference. I will admit there wasn’t a lot of product used because to my mind, it can leave some residue or needs more time in the mornings to let it absorb.

As I said, curl pattern is not my biggest concern, what I’m looking for is hydration, moisture and softness. I was surprised how soft their hair felt after using the cream. I have been using LOC religiously on the kids. Although there was a little water and oil in their hair from the takedown it was negligible. It was as close to dry as I will let their hair be when being manipulated. I was amazed at how good their hair felt. So it wasn’t completely dry this first time (out of fear/ naivety) but pretty close to dry. I don’t have the confidence to play in their dry hair and from everything I’ve read I probably won’t ever manipulate their hair when completely dry but that might change next time I use this. Maybe not.

In Conclusion

Overall I liked this as a moisturiser. Now I wasn’t using any particular techniques to make the most out of the curls but as you can see from this last picture, it can do the job. My daughter has super defined curls in the back third of her head naturally. The top tends to be frizzy, which we have learned to love, but it’s also the section that tangles more so it was nice to find something that made her hair softer. I don’t think this will make it onto the Holy Grail page but a decent product to have in my back pocket.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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Please note I have not been sponsored for this post. I am also not affiliated with the brand in any way. I just love trying out products.


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