#Throwback: Head Wraps Of Yester Year

It feels like an age since I did my little Head Wraps project. But it was only the end of April, early May. How time flies! And how many ways I’ve worn my wraps since. 

Unlike my Hairstyle Photo Project, I’m actually using a lot of the different variations to get me through bad hair days, don’t care hair days, wanna wear a head wrap days.

So like I did a throwback post to my hairstyles, I thought I’d sift through the unused photos from this project too. And add some new pics to my Pinterest boards. For blogging purposes only.

To be honest, I find this quite awkward because who likes looking at themselves all day…

I think I was looking too far to the left, where have my pupils gone!

There’s that classic “modelling” pose of looking at the floor but I think I was staring too intently. I think the floor needed sweeping…

Channelling that Kardashian lip…but it’s all mine!

I think I actually did a good job with the eyeshadow. My skills are a bit hit and miss. Well more miss, I think.

I’m still trying to figure out shadows and light and not letting the light make shadows all over my face!

Blurred or not blurred enough…

I actually like this one, shame it’s a bit dark. Or maybe that’s why I like it.

Itchy scalp…

That face is telling you if I move my head too much this style is just going to fall apart.


And that’s me done with my mini trip down my very recent memory lane. I think I need to find my other head wrap and get a little creative.

Let’s keep wrapping together!

xx Lee xx

Where do you find your head wrap inspo from?


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