#ThrowbackThursday: Braids Of Yester Year

It’s been about 9 months since I posted my 30 hairstyles challenge on Instagram and first braiding posts here on the blog. It’s about time to throwback to November 2017. I’m sure it’s been long enough.

I was very proud of how it came it out but it wasn’t perfect. Nothing is and that’s okay. Because I’m not perfect or any type of model, there were a hell of a lot of pictures taken, trying to find “The One” (x30). I styled myself (obviously) and directed the shoot i.e. told my husband what to do while he ignored me and took all sorts of artistic liberties! Ha, he was so sick of me by the end of this little venture.

Anyway, I had a quick little trawl through the Woeful To FroFull archives to find some hidden gems and to be honest, some bloopers to fill this throwback post. You’ve got to be able to look at yourself and find the beauty there, to critique and identify achievable areas for improvement and just laugh too. Things won’t necessarily turnout how you expect, sometimes they turn out better. Enjoy…You’d think I actually like looking at myself!

I actually really like this one but it came out too dark and whenever I played with the brightness, I just started to look washed out. Not a good look!
Every time I see these 2 braids, I remember how heavy this installation was. This particular picture was scrapped because of the reflection in my specs. Such a shame too because those frames were “The One”!
One of the most important pieces of equipment in your natural hair toolkit is the one and only spray bottle! To be honest, I’m mostly a 100% water girl for my leave ins but I like to mix it up and use some Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Gel, essential oils, glycerin…okay, that’s not simple at all!
This is another one that I loved that but that glare got me again! God, can you imagine me wielding a ring light too!
A bit similar to the last one, but seriously give me points for attitude. Anyone want to get me these glasses though?
We were trying something out with this cheap projector we’ve got but it didn’t quite work out. I think with the right background, something amazing could have happened.
I was trying to put this heavy ass hair into a bun and one of my favourite pics popped out, unfortunately, I couldn’t use it because it was an in between style kind of look.
I am such a serious person. I am. Not.
I feel like I pull this face on a daily basis. Don’t try me fools!
Anyone that was at my wedding can confirm this was the look I gave the congregation when they asked if there was anyone that objected to this union. What do you think happened next?
This was one of those concept shots that didn’t quite work out but we tried it. I think if we hadn’t felt so rushed, it could have been quite cool.
I think I could pull this look off everyday.
God damn stray hair. Gets me every time!
Don’t look at me, I’m shy!
Can you see that hair? If not, I’ve circled it for your attention.
And here’s a kiss for bearing with me, for reading this post, for reading my blog or following me on social media. Every little bit of feedback, every view, every follower, every like makes a difference to me. It doesn’t take a lot to contribute to someone else’s confidence or happiness. Thank you loves!

So as you can see, lighting was an issue in some of the shots and some are from me not paying as much attention to America’s Next Top Model as I should have. But the photographer and I  soldiered on making the most of what we had to work with. Plus I get to relive this split hair colour look again.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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