The Office: My Happy Place In The Making

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A little while ago, I saw this Facebook ad from Poster Store with the above picture front and centre. Usually I just scroll past Facebook ads (because most of them seem like scams) but I instantly fell in love with the colour scheme, the feel and the simplicity of this. It was definitely one of the inspirations for my office space, for sure.

I’ve always moaned, although half-heartedly, that I don’t have any space in my home to call my own. Each of the kids have their own bedroom. My husband has his workshop/ garage space. What did I have…the utility room? That was a bit too on the nose as a wife with the outdated idea of being the one lumbered with the cleaning. I mean I’m the person who spends the most time in there but who really wants to call the utility room their own?

Finally after about 6 years in our house and most of the way through a year into the pandemic, I got my own office space. In reality, my husband will probably use it in the future too but I have complete creative control over it. It’s 100% my design and I’m so excited to have a place that’s mine, all mine…for now.

Pic above was my rough plan for the office/ sewing room. It’s not to scale. Not everything is in the right perspective and no, I did not want the green to be lime green but for some reason the only greens in the kids colouring pencils was either lime or racing or a dark forest shade.  But I love this plan so much and this piece of paper has lived all over my house at one time or another, reminding me of what I had to look forward to.

This plan was the first step to making a beautiful space for me. And the idea of this space has really come into it’s own with the advent of nationwide working from home (I haven’t been back to the office since March 20th 2020). I don’t think I would have got through the first part of this ordeal in the other room if I didn’t have this room to go to. And I’ve been in it for a few months now. We’re not completely finished but it’s useable. More than useable. It’s lovely.

I’ve got my asymmetric/ geometric 🤷🏾‍♀️paint on the walls in the colour Arsenic. Yup, it’s really called that. We didn’t buy the expensive Farrow & Ball but had it colour matched at B&Q instead and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. It’s fresh, relaxing, modern and classic all at the same time. And it’s weird I wanted to paint my space green because I don’t even really like green!

In the plan above, there’s a little rectangle in the bottom right hand corner. Imagine that is the wall behind you when looking at the room. There’s this big blank space that would be the perfect spot for some artwork. I found this black owned business, Good Day Prints, and it seemed like a perfect fit for the start of my art wall. I think these 3 prints, if they were big enough, would make a lovely triptych in the centre. But I’ve decided to go mostly with smaller pictures and fill the wall. Every picture will have green in it prominently but there won’t be any theme other than that, although I’m loving the botanical thing that seems to be happening.

And here’s my bookcase which I’m starting to fill with books I’ve been threatening to start to read for years! At least they’ll have somewhere nice to live instead of in a ramshackle stack on the desk in the bedroom. And maybe, just maybe, having them on show will shame me into finding time to read them. I mean, I might not be able to find the time but I have the space now.

This is just the first of the bespoke furniture/ storage that will be in there, as per my plan 😂 (sorry I keep going on about it!). I’m so excited to see my ideas evolve and use of the room evolve (I’m sure I’ll be going back to my real work office at some point), maybe the kids will use it for homework, maybe I’ll sneak off in an evening, put on RuPaul’s Drag Race or have some of my YouTube faves playing in the background while I put the world to rights via one of my blogs!

The world is my oyster or at the very least, this office is my Happy-Place-To-Be.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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