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Between all the YouTube I’ve been watching and my kids pretending to be YouTubers, there has been a lot of liking and subscribing going on in my house.

And whether you want to dance, sing a long, gossip or actually learn something, YouTube has got everything you need. I’ve personally learned a lot and I’ve also wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back! But if you want some quality content, then some of my favourite YouTubers to while away the time with are listed below.

Jackie Aina

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie etc….Not many people can pull off singing their own name for their theme tune but Ms Aina certainly can. Although she seems to have dropped it from recent videos 😢. But if you want makeup tips for darker skin, someone who empowers and lifts up black women, she’s the OG. Plus she is gorgeous. And funny. And knowledgeable. You’ll only plan on watching one of her videos but I promise you it won’t be one! Oh and her IG is 🔥🔥🔥. And her Twitter is 🔥🔥🔥 too!

Lana Summer

If you read my last #hairgoals post, you’ll have seen this beauty pop up. Like I said then, her hair couldn’t be further from mine but I really enjoy her content. I like that she keeps it real, it feels very authentic and like in the video above, she isn’t keeping all the social media secrets to herself. She seems like a really cool girl, good vibes! Very, very relatable.

Alissa Ashley & Arnell Armon

Image Source: @arnell.armon Instagram

I wasn’t sure whether to mention them together or not because even though they have the same face, they are 2 different people but when you come across Alissa’s videos, it recommends Arnell and vice versa and then I end up channel hopping between the two and sometimes get very confused! But I really enjoy them both. And I think you will too!

Alissa’s channel focuses on makeup and she’s now started doing some really interesting videos about her passion for photography like this one! I don’t know a thing about cameras but she makes me want to!

Arnell’s channel is the go to for make up, wigs and lifestyle, she definitely gets more personal than her sister. Even though I’m not a wig person (yet), those are her videos I Iove the most, like this amazing Cardi B inspired colour extravaganza.

They definitely hit the genetic lottery but not only are they gorgeous to look at, they’re really talented at what they do. Between them they cover the full spectrum of the beauty world and capturing it too📷 . I definitely recommend subscribing to both and filling your life with a little bit of Arnell and Alissa.


What can I say, she’s one of a kind! She’s quirky, funny, interesting, her whole vibe is just so special. And she’s helped spark my current obsession with Anime, I feel like a kid again!

StarPuppy must be protected at all costs and so to must Fluff Nugget (her hair) although she probably puts her hair through a lot to bring us viewers content. And she is soooo good at it. Her editing and the way her videos flow is so fun and funny, you almost forget how much work it must actually be. She makes it look easy and only the most talented among us can do that. Plus I love that she embraces “not perfect” hair. It’s not all about definition, length or volume…she’s about loving your hair texture. I can get into that!

To be honest, all the beauty and hair YouTubers put their hair and skin through a lot for us. Yes it is their choice and their job and it’s not like they’re going to war or curing diseases but I sure as hell couldn’t do it. And remember, these guys have made it big now but there was a time when they were putting in all the effort and graft and not getting likes and views, putting in all that work essentially for nothing. I can only imagine how hard it is for the thousands of people who are equally talented, potentially more so, than this fabulous group I’ve assembled above who don’t make it big. Luckily, YouTube content is forever and someone will find and appreciate it eventually. Just like my ramblings at this little old blog of mine!

I really do appreciate YouTubers. These are usually people on their own or with small teams putting out better content than some TV shows. I don’t think they get the props they deserve. Some of it is trash and completely pointless but some of it is pretty f***ing good. Like all these lovely ladies here.

Please go show them some love and find your new fave YouTuber today💕💕💕

And so I know you made it to the end, comment with a purple heart! 😂💜😂

Let’s keep watching together!

xx Lee xx


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