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I did a travel bucket list a little while ago and I’m glad to announce that I’ve completed one of the items. Woo!!! I was so lucky to get to go to Disney World last year. I haven’t really posted anything on here about the trip put there are a few snaps on my Instagram. But bucket lists aren’t all about travel. They can be about challenging yourself, growing or just an excuse to do something random. This post doesn’t contain an exhaustive list, but I think this’ll be a good start. 

I will start by saying that this list isn’t full of super exciting or hard things to achieve. But for one reason or another, I’m stopping myself from just getting on. I don’t know how many of these I’ll get to do but I think there’s a bigger chance of it happening if I start small. I also realise the reason to write a list like this is not just because I’m a prolific list writer but to have things to look forward to and have activities that make me feel good. Being content is the least you deserve and if a few small things in life can help you achieve that, then why the hell not? Even if they are only dreams. Sometimes ideas are more powerful than actions or is that just what people who make excuses say?

Be An Artist

I’m an avid doodler these days but when I was younger, I used to draw, a lot. Characters, fashion designs, I just loved putting that pencil to paper. I loved creating random little people and stories to go with them. I wasn’t necessarily good but it went side by side with my writing and I enjoyed it.

Image Source: Woeful Writes

This is an easy one to accomplish but also extremely hard. The materials are things I have lying around, pencils, paper but it’s the time to do it. Time is like gold dust to me. I’d love to get better at the craft, maybe even try a few realistic-ish portraits, I’d love to be able to make someone’s face come to life through my eyes. I really admire artists and what they can do. It’s such an impressive skill to have but don’t be fooled by how easy they make it look. Here’s a few of my faves that I follow on Instagram – Octoarm, Unorthodox Fox and Kelvin Okafor. If only I had a fraction of this talent.

Portugal, 2017

I also like taking photos. This is one of my favourites that I’ve ever taken. To be fair, the subject matter is pretty amazing and I think it would be hard to make it look bad. As good as this is (yes I am tooting my own horn) I’d really like to know what I’m doing with a proper professional camera. I’d love to take photos that make people feel something.

Dining Alone

I know this may sound weird to some and completely normal to others, but I’ve always wanted to dine alone. Travel alone (which probably won’t happen because I’m scared). Go to the cinema alone. I’m not sure why I haven’t got round to doing it, maybe like a lot of things that end up on a Bucket List, it’s apprehension and fear that stop you. Eating out on my lonesome feels like such a big deal, fraught with many worries. Do you look like a weirdo? Do they think you’re super hungry and can’t wait for your friend before you start eating?

I’d have no bones about eating alone at home, why should I have to wait for someone else to be available for me to do something I want to do? I love eating out and about.

See A Broadway Show On Broadway

Image Source: The Lion King Musical

I can’t remember the last play or show I saw live but there’s something magical about the theatre. I remember when The Lion King musical came out and just thought it looked amazing. Not as good as the film, that would never happen, but a theatrical event like I’d never seen before. I was filled with wonder seeing the snippets of the show, over the years, with how they translate the feeling of the film to stage. Since it came out there are other shows that have caught my fancy like Avenue Q or The Book Of Mormon. I would die happy if I was able to see any of these. Especially The Book of Mormon. If you have a ticket going spare, let me know.

And to see a show on Broadway…wow! I guess a good show is a good show no matter where it is but it’s just another excuse to travel to NYC. If you go to New York you need to go to Broadway. I believe those are the rules.

Learn To Swim

Black people don’t swim. It’s a stereotype. A joke we make about ourselves but it doesn’t have to be true. I should swim as an example to my kids but I had a bad experience when I was learning and I just haven’t been able to get over it. I can get in a pool, I’m not afraid of the water, I’m afraid of letting go and just floating. When we went to Disney, it was the first time I’d been in the water with the kids, they had life jackets and floaters on and they were having a whale of a time. I wish I could just do that with them every week but get involved in the swimming side too. Plus it’s good exercise and I know I need more of that. It’s a life skill that everyone should have, at least it would stop me being so nervous on boats or planes (you know, if they crash into water). I could just feel a little bit more normal and like a proper grown up.

Travel Somewhere Alone

Image source: Vaycarious

I mentioned it above, but I would love to travel somewhere alone. It doesn’t need to be out of the UK, maybe a little city break, spa weekend. Just take a book, my laptop and myself somewhere pretty and tranquil. It would be like the time I spent alone away from the kids and husband but on another level. To be fair, the end conclusion of that was that I needed my family more than anything but I understand the importance of chillout time away from the everyday stressors that affect you. I love my kids but three children under 7 is hard going sometimes. I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting time for me, to remember who I am and how I function on my own. Knowing me better, will make me better. And adding in a beautiful little getaway makes it all the more desirable.

Go To A Michelin Star Restaurant

I think this comes from that short period of time where I was obsessed with Masterchef Australia. It was an intense, passionate but short love affair for antipodean haute cuisine.  I think this is a pure bucket list item, like doing it so I can say I’ve done it. It’s really beautiful what they can do with food but as much as I would like the experience, I think I would leave hungry and head to a McDonald’s straight after. Plus it might hurt my pocket more than I’m prepared for. And I also wouldn’t be willing to do this by myself, I think that kind of environment might be a bit intimidating plus I’d like someone to share the experience and split the bill with (because we would be sharing everything).


I think that’s a nice few things to get me going and to look forward to and strive for. I’ve noticed that travel and food has come up twice. I want to travel more and I’m pretty much always hungry! So I think this is very reflective of the things I want in life.

Let’s keep just keeping on together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What stuff would you love to do? Also, can you recommend any other theatre shows other than those I mentioned above?

Featured Image Source: Cheresha via Pexels

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