Bucket List: Travel – Where To Now, Madam?

It’s cold outside. It’s Winter. And it sucks. Which means it’s a brilliant time to let the mind wander to all four corners of the gorgeous floating rock we live on. At least if I never get to go anywhere, I can mentally dip my toes into the warm seas of some far off exotic, magical paradise. It’d be nice. So who’s with me? Where are you going to tick off your bucket list?

I said in a previous post that I want to travel more. I think I’ve said this every year since I left University sooooooooooooo long ago. And  in that time, I’ve travelled so little. But unless something catastrophic happens, I’ve still got time. And instead of just talking the talk, I’m walking the walk. Baby steps though. Baby steps. In the last couple of years I’ve been able to go to Cyprus (for around 36 hours, don’t ask but it was worth it), Gran Canaria and Portugal. And to make it even better, I’ve got two major getaways planned for 2018. Can’t wait to tell the kids they’ll be going on a plane too!

It’s still not as much as I’d love to travel but we’ve got kids, lack of funds, struggling to get time off our boring full-time, bill paying jobs and a fistful of excuses. Sometimes it feels like an achievement just getting off the drive with kids so any little bit of actual travelling we get to do is a blessing. I will be grateful of what we can do, while daydreaming of more.

There used to be a list on my fridge of places I’d like to go. I ended up taking it down because a Negative Nancy, looking down at me, made some snarky comment about some places being cities and some countries. Like I was some sort of idiot that didn’t know the difference. I know it sounds silly but it was the way she said it, trust me. But I do know the difference. And I now also know that I shouldn’t let anyone else take the shine off my dreams.

My dreams are my dreams, no matter how small and I wrote what I wrote. It still irks me to his day that I let that person have enough power over me that I felt ashamed and took my list down. But my list isn’t going down now, it’s going on the world-wide web.

Please note this isn’t an exhaustive list, just the ones that sprung immediately to mind. I’d love to travel the whole entire world. One day perhaps…

Disney World

I always felt as a kid that I missed out by not going to Disney World. It’s called the Happiest Place On Earth and I can well believe it. I’ve never heard anyone go and not have a good time. And now I have kids, I want that memory for them. The price concerns me a bit…well a lot. But it’s worth it, right?


I don’t know if I want to go to Paris under the guise of it being the City of Love, probably more for the architecture. The picture of you with the Eiffel Tower in the background is an iconic travel snap and I want it! Plus, beautiful, authentic macarons from a French patisserie would make my sweet treat dreams!

Cape Verde

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know much about Cape Verde. However, I saw some pictures a few years ago of a beautifully lush, green, landscape with amazing villas and views. I’d love to find out more.

Source: Nappy.co by PhotosByPhab

Hong Kong

I’m still salty from that time my Dad went to Hong Kong and didn’t take me. However, he did come back with my first favourite handbag! So it wasn’t all bad. I want to experience the hustle and bustle and see the amazing diverse culture first hand that I’ve only ever experienced through a screen.

Northern Lights

I know the Northern Lights aren’t a place (Negative Nancy I’m talking to you) but anywhere where I stand a good chance of seeing them, I want to go. This, unfortunately, means taking my toes out of the tropically warm sea of my dreams and into a heavy winter boot and my favourite fluffy socks. Although if I can jump into one of those hot spring pools, I think I could forgive the cold.

New York

Is it a cliché to have New York on my list? I don’t care. I haven’t been and it’s probably the place in the world I want to go the most. So it’s on the list. And yes, I want to go to Times Square, see the Empire State Building and walk the bridges. But most of all, I want to eat…everything!


Source: Pexels by pixabay.com


Canada (again)

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Canada (yay, I’ve been somewhere!) I went to Toronto years ago and my biggest memories are of seeing Niagara Falls close up and watching Judge Judy with my mum and Auntie’s in the hotel. I’m a true rock star when I travel…


The one in Texas. You’ve got to love a place that’s slogan is about keeping it weird. I think it may be my spiritual home!


There are so many great cities in Europe so it’s hard to narrow it down. I think I’d be happy to go to the capital city of any European country, however, Rome edged it with sights like the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica blah blah blah beautiful.

Caribbean Island Hopping

My mother’s side of the family is from Jamaica and I missed out on a large family trip there a few years back. I was probably pregnant or too poor but most likely both. But I don’t want to just visit one of my Motherlands (the other is Nigeria and I’ve been there), I want to see Trinidad & Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, the Bahamas, anywhere with Jerk chicken, golden beaches and crystal clear oceans.

Source: Pexels by pixabay.com

Anyway, if nothing else my fridge could do with some new tourist-y magnets, so let’s get the passport out and fly away!

Let’s keep jet setting together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome. Where do you wish you could go?

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