Product Junkies Unite 2018 – All The Stuff I Get To Try This Year

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I am in no ways promoting that #productjunkielife but I’m sort of promoting that product junkie life! I did a post like this last year and I haven’t used all of those products so the fact my stocks have been replenished is…amazing! I’m not gonna lie. So excited to try these products too and add them to the Woeful To FroFull Product Cupboard of Wonders.

#ProductJunkiesUnite !!!!

I’ll keep the preamble short because the list is long but if you make it through, let me know if there are any that you’ve tried, want to try, excited to see the review for! Some of them are things I’ve bought and some are gifts, so don’t think I’m made of money. The pictures have some products that aren’t listed as I’ve tried them already but I’ve received them again! Anyway here goes…

Eden Bodyworks

eden bodyworks woeful to frofullThese were mainly from my dear mother for Christmas, I’m currently using the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Natural Cowash and Natural Hair Masque Treatment so to have some more is fab. And to get a feeling for the brand as a whole is great for me.

Coconut Shea All Natural Styling Elixir

Coconut Shea All Natural Hair Oil

Coconut Shea All Natural Hair Balm

Jojoba Monoi Natural Conditioner

Jojoba Monoi Natural Deep Conditioner

Jojoba Monoi Natural Moisturizing Shampoo

Jojoba Monoi Natural Hair Oil

Peppermint Tea Tree Natural Hair Oil




Shea Butter Cottage

shea butter cottage woeful to frofullI told my sister about this company as I’d seen them on Instagram and she’s closer to them than me. I thought she’d go have a look, buy a few products to try. I wasn’t expecting her to go crazy and bless me with all this awesome stuff! I’m particularly excited about the Avocado Oil as I’ve been wanting to try it since my healthy hair journey began.

Cioccolatina Babassu Shampoo Bar

Cioccolatina Rhassoul Shampoo Bar

Cioccolatina Whipped Unrefined Shea Butter – Oats and Lavender

Shea Butter Cottage Avocado Oil

Shea Butter Cottage Marula Oil

Shea Butter Cottage Monoi de Tahiti Oil

Shea Butter Cottage Ximenia Oil (I think it smells chocolate-y, my husband think it smells like toasted sesame seeds)

Along Came Betty (gift set)

along came betty woeful to frofullI was gifted this set for Christmas. It’s produced exclusively for Tesco so I will be very interested to see how good this stands up against other brands like Soap and Glory, which it’s seemingly modelled after. Their toiletry gift sets, not necessarily their skincare range.

Heavenly Bath Soak

Shimmer Me Softly Shimmer Bath Crystals

Skin Polish Gentle Skin Buffer

Hands That Do Wishes Dry Hand Lotion

Cream of All Creams Cheerio Body Lotion

Anita Grant

anita grant woeful to frofullI came across Anita Grant on social media quite early on in my healthy hair journey during my research. It has a really simple and clean look. It’s pricier than I would normally buy but I just have this feeling that it’s all going to be amazing. The website states that it’s all “cruelty-free, handmade, fresh, to order, here in the UK.” I haven’t tried any of it yet but I opened the co-wash and it just about blew my socks off. I cannot wait to put that into my hair.

Curl Conditioning Double Cream Moisture Balance

Curl Cleansing Co-Wash Conditioner (Rosemary Mint)

Bentonite Clay

Treasure Tress Box

I put a natural hair box subscription on my Christmas wish list. I’m not so spoiled that I expected for someone to pay for a subscription for me ongoing but I thought I could possibly hope for a one-off box. So I was super excited when this arrived from my lovely brother! And I was definitely not expecting Revlon! Let’s see how the Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil range, designed for natural hair works out.

Strengthening Shampoo Sulfate Free

Strengthening Conditioner Intense Moisture

Strengthening Curl Revive Non-Greasy

Strengthening Twisting Pudding

Strengthening Butter Creme

Taaliah Wajid

woeful to frofull taliah waajidI am very intrigued to try these as I think I will be able to compare and contrast them to some of the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea products.

Phenomenal Oil-14 Intense Oil Hair Treatment

Shea-Coco 2-In-1 Conditioning Co-Wash

Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-In Conditioner

Detangled Hair

The folks over at Detangled Hair sent me the Scalp Reviver to review. And then as a little Christmas Thank You gift for their customers, I got some oils I’ve tried before but also some I’ve been dying to try.

Macadamia Oil  (is the only one I haven’t tried before!)

Avocado Oil


African Black Soap – Been quite eager to try this for a while. I’m hoping to try it in its raw form and also as an ingredient in some DIY products.

Maui Moisture

maui moisture woeful to frofullI’ve seen this in Boots many, many times but it’s never been on offer when I’ve been looking for it. But finally I got my chance (not as good a deal as I’d normally like but hey ho!)

Strength & Anti-Breakage Agave Shampoo

Strength & Anti-Breakage Agave Conditioner

Strength & Anti-Breakage Agave Hair Mask


And that’s the list! Maybe some of them will make it to my Holy Grail page!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx


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