End of Tube Review: Palmer’s Olive Oil Repleneshing Conditioner

The Palmer’s Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner was one of my first purchases when I decided I was going to be serious about having a new attitude to my hair. I can’t remember exactly when I bought this but I know it was a few months before I shaved my head. I know this because I was itching to use it for at least a few months but I knew I should save it until I started the journey. Finally, after I let the razor loose, I used it for the first time. Now I can’t really give you my first impressions of the product because I was basically just washing my scalp but a few months later and at the end of the tube, I think I have a few things to say.

Firstly, one of the reasons I was excited to try this was because all I was reading about healthy hair products – no parabens, no sulphates, no silicones. Now it does contain dimethicone which is a silicone so I failed at the first hurdle, however, in my defence I was still learning at the time AND there are some naturalistas that swear by silicones. There are two types: soluble (dissolve and don’t cause product buildup) or non-soluble (does not dissolve and covers your head in crap), silicones provide slip while detangling. I thought 2 out of 3 baddies gone was good enough, I was seduced by it containing Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Keratin. That was before I learned that low porosity hair doesn’t really need extra protein. Shows how important research is before you let yourself loose in the hair care aisle.

There’s no strong fragrance which leaves me a little disappointed. It’s a personal preference of mine, I like strong, fruity, floral smells and this doesn’t have that. However, I am aware that it’s probably a major plus for other people. I now know that those strong-smelling products I like are often chock full of random synthetic ingredients that are probably not good for my skin or hair as the aim is to be as natural as possible. The colour on the other hand is a light green colour which I don’t like as for some reason that to me screams unnatural. I know that’s just disregarded my first point but hey, this is my blog and I can be as inconsistent as I want!

By having no sulphates the product does not lather and this is the first non-lathering product I’ve ever used. If you’ve spent all your life playing in the bubbles at bath time, no lather is a bit underwhelming. It feels, at first like it isn’t really doing anything. But after weeks of using it, I know it’s doing its job. I’m used to it now and would be happy to try fellow non-lathering products without hesitation. After use, my hair feels soft and clean. But you can definitely tell the difference between using this and shampoo, so if you’re looking to really cleanse your hair make sure a shampoo or ACV rinse are in the mix. A conditioner can do most of the job of cleaning and this one does but I am very happy that I have regular cleansing as part of my routine.

I only used this on the kids once and for their hair I prefer the Palmer’s Olive Oil Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner. For the kids, it didn’t seem to have the same moisturising qualities that the Replenishing Conditioner had on my hair which was disappointing as it would be great to use the same product for everyone. I’ve decided that as a co-wash, for me, this could be a buy again kind of product, if not for the silicones. Although my hair seems to fare well with them, from what I know now, it could be doing even better if I cut out all the ingredients that are well-known to be bad for the fro.

However, since the start of my new journey it has been a consistent part of my routine and has helped me to maintain mostly soft and hydrated hair except for one small blip when the weather changed. I added some Aloe Vera Gel to the routine and I was back on track.

This conditioner claims to smooth out the frizzies and soften your hair. I can’t really attest to the frizziness side as my hair is so short but I will say yay to softness. I’m also not sure about the shine or bounce but I think my hair feels good and I’m not saying this conditioner did it but my hair is looking curlier than I remember.

As the first product I have ever used for co-washing I have to say I’m a little attached. It’s lasted me from November to mid-March which is quite impressive. What if I use something else and I don’t get the same results? From reviews I’ve read there are basically miracle products out there waiting for me to try and even though my general product junkie curiosity is kicking in, I think this will always have a special place in my heart with my hair.

I only paid £3.99 for this from Savers and that is so cheap compared to some products and from a cost POV definite value for money. I saw a conditioner for £35.00 the other day which frankly scared me! So this is a good buy indeed. It does have some ingredients which are supposedly no-no’s for healthy hair but I am still learning to listen to what other people say but also listen to MY hair and what it’s saying to me. I can’t say for definite I won’t buy again (I probably will) but some more research and product testing to find out how my hair reacts to products with no silicones at all will help me make a more informed decision.

Overall Yay or Nay? Yay! Farewell old friend *as she drops the tube in the bin, a tear forms in her eye, glistening in the spring sunshine…*

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What was your first major purchase? Are you still attached?

Please note all comments are my own and I have not been paid/ sponsored /gifted with products for this review.

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