Review: Afro Hair Solutions Scalp Reviver Mask

I’ve always said the biggest and best things come in small packages but you’ve got to big yourself up when you’re only about 5 foot 4. So when this little tin of Afro Hair Solutions Scalp Reviver Mask came through the door from Detangled Hair, I hoped that this would once again be the case.

I wasn’t sure at first how to describe this product. Yes, it says “Scalp Reviver” but what does that even mean? It describes itself as a “treatment for dry, itchy scalp.” I sometimes have those issues, so I was hopeful.

You open the tin and that gives nothing away either. It’s a solid-looking product. Like cold, solid coconut oil. Also like coconut oil, it starts to melt in your hand due to the heat you naturally generate. I would say in the tin, it has the look of a balm or wax but when being worked with, is more like an oil.

The instructions are simple, although it doesn’t say whether this should be used on dry or wet hair. I’m really paranoid about breakage at the moment, so I don’t really touch my hair unless it’s at least damp. My hair was lightly spritzed with warm water before using the product. Start with a two-minute scalp massage (so good for you). Next, smooth the product through your hair and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it out.  Then you wash your hair as normal i.e. cowash, shampoo, no poo, water only, you get the idea. So my initial question of what this product is had been answered, it’s a pre-wash treatment. This could replace my usual pre-poo of Coconut Oil. Plus it’s a quicker process coupled with the healthy practice of a massage.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I smoothed it through my hair. Honestly, I was shocked at how instantly soft my hair felt. It makes me think I should definitely experiment with this as a leave in. Now it could be unsuitable for that as the instructions do state to wash it out. I definitely would be interested in other ways this product could potentially be used.scalp reviver mask

Now onto the ingredients, I love that it has no sulphates, no parabens and no silicones. The three things so many products shout out about and it’s a good, honest thing to shout about. It’s the first indicator that this is something that will be good for your hair. It also contains Jojoba oil (a great, lightweight oil that can actually help with moisturising your hair), Shea Butter (has anti-inflammatory properties which means it’s great for some of us with scalp issues), Argan Oil (packed with Vitamin E) and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Yea, I didn’t know what that was either. Apparently it helps to retain moisture but quite interestingly stabilises other oils, so can be used to extend the shelf life of some less stable oils (source). But the hero ingredient is Peppermint Oil.

If you are ever near me (and I probably wouldn’t let you get this close) but if you took a deep whiff, you might get a noseful of Perpperminty goodness. Peppermint Oil is known to help treat itchy scalp, has antiseptic qualities, can balance your scalp’s pH levels and can improve circulation in the scalp. In turn, this creates a better environment for hair growth. I do have to say that to my nose (which has been blocked for weeks) there wasn’t a super strong peppermint scent. I hate winter! But you can definitely get a hint. It’s lovely and subtle so a nice medium between those that do and those that don’t like Peppermint.

I was expecting a tingly sensation when it was being rubbed into my scalp, it wasn’t tingly but it was still quite a relaxing process. The only thing better would have been if someone was doing the scalp massage for me. Not hinting at my husband at all but…

I loved how my hair felt when it was smoothed through my strands. My hair definitely still felt the benefits after it was washed with the Eden Bodyworks Cowash. This was a simple, no fuss, no mess product which I am looking forward to using more and experimenting with. I didn’t think this pot would last long as it’s only 90g but a little goes a long way and I will be making sure this goes a looooong way. I am definitely interested in finding out more about products that specifically cater to scalp care now.

detangled hairThank you to the guys from Detangled Hair for sending me this to try and I look forward to trying more of the great range of products they stock.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Please note, I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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