Pettiest Peeves #2

A few months ago, I did a little cleanse of some of my daily irritations in a blog post called Pettiest Peeves. Well, I’m at it again because there is an infinite amount of crap in this world that irritates me. If you’re reading this in a bad mood, use it to get some of that negativity off your chest!

pocket waistcoat zip woeful to frofullI’m not a fashionista. I generally like my clothes in dark colours, baggy and comfortable. So when it comes to opinions on clothes and what looks good to my eye, I suppose, my POV is limited. Me, I like to keep it simple. I don’t like loads of embellishments, like too many zips, too many buttons, ribbons and other such nonsense. I do however, like to have pockets. It’s nice to have somewhere to put stuff, your phone, a tissue, your keys, a few sweets…But does it annoy anyone else or is it just me, when a pocket isn’t a pocket? I can’t stand it when a zip leads nowhere. I don’t get why you would have the pocket flap but no pocket. You could just have the pocket. I hate buttons that just float on a garment, it’s not a fastening, it’s just something that’s likely to fall off and annoy me all over again.
Turns out that as much as I hate fake pockets, I have a new-found annoyance. One of my favourite waistcoats, has pockets. A plus. It’s dark blue. It’s a great layering garment. It has a zip that opens into a pocket. What more could I want? You must be wondering exactly what my problem is. There is no pocket under the pocket flap but the zip above the fake pocket flap opens into a pocket. Why is the zip not under the pocket flap?!?!?! I wear this waistcoat at least a couple of times a week and because it was super cheap, my husband bought me two more. I love it and will be wearing this damn thing into my 90s but I hate it too!
Pet Peeve #6 – If it looks like a pocket, it should be a pocket!
 At work I answer the phone quite a bit. And because I’m polite, I always ask when I answer the phone “How can I help?” The response 90% of the time is “I hope you can help me…” Wait, did you just not hear what I said? I’m here to help you. The first thing you have heard from me is that I’m going to try to help you. So why are you talking to me like you haven’t heard me? This. Happens. All. The. Time!
Pet Peeve #7 – Don’t call me and not listen to me! And yes, I am here to help, even if I now sound really irritated!
product cantu coconut curling cream packaging
Really?!?! This is not normal.

I’ve ordered many things off the Internet during my time on this spinning rock we call home. It’s 2018. Everyone orders stuff from the Internet. We get boxes and packages through the post all the time. Or if you’re unlucky like me and work full-time, you will find yourself at the Post Office or the parcel depot waiting for stuff. I think people these days have an addiction to receiving stuff through the post.

In fact, I think we always have. It’s great having something with my name on, just for me, coming through the door. It’s fabulous! What I don’t get is the ridiculous amount of packaging. I mean, come on! Can you see this picture? That was literally all I ordered. One tub of the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. Just one tub. One small tub that was wrapped in a clear plastic resealable bag. That was wrapped and packed with brown paper. That was placed in a box big enough for 5 more tubs. I don’t even understand.

Pet Peeve #8 – Too much packaging!

I have a thing about public toilets. They are a minefield. There is so much wrong with them. I’m not sure where to start. Maybe I’ll do a full post on my public toilet pet peeves or is that too niche?

Anyway, the thing that’s getting my goat today is wet toilet seats. Usually I spot it before I sit down and will wipe the seat. But sometimes it catches me out. And the worst thing about it is, you usually only realise how bad it is once you’ve stood up. And it’s hard to know if it is from a violent flush or a lady with the power of a pressure washer. It always makes me cringe. And it makes me think of the debate I’ve had a few times about hovering or sitting. I have no idea why I forget to hover because wet seats are gross!

Pet Peeve #9 – Wet public toilet seats!

leggings asda george woeful to frofull

 A lot of our family shopping is done in Asda. Asda is the home of George. George is a great, affordable high street/ supermarket clothing brand. In the US it’s Wal-Mart. It’s hardly cutting edge fashion but it’s affordable and good quality, reliable clothing. I like  it. But when I saw this in George a little while ago, I couldn’t let it lie. One size fits all. Really? Your telling me that a size 4 skinny minny and a size 20 can wear the same garment and expect the same amount of coverage of their lady parts. I don’t think so. There are already too many legs visible through tight leggings that we shouldn’t be seeing. What I wonder is at what size do your leggings turn into tights/stockings?
Pet Peeve #10 – One size does not fit my fat arse!
At home, I have the eccentric luxury of having an electric hand dryer in my downstairs toilet. It’s a great novelty and it’s rarely used. This is because it blows such tepid and mild air at my wet hands that I’d rather just air dry them than stand there and wait the fifteen minutes it would take for the dryer to do its job. And this pet peeve is only intensified when I’m in a public toilet. Told you, I have a million things against public WCs.
Pet Peeve #11 – I just want to dry my hands!
So it turns out, it’s not as hard as I thought to think of the things that annoy me. Maybe I should just try to chill out a bit. And I will. When the world stops being so irritating.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx
Share some of your pet peeves! Get a load off your chest!
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