Pettiest Peeves #1

I am not an angry person, I swear, but some s**t just gets on my wick! For those that need a translation, on my nerves, pushes my buttons, irks me etc. You get the picture. And because I’m in a sharing mood, I thought I’d tell you all about them and when I’m done why don’t you finish the ranting by telling me what your pet peeves are.

too many labelsFirst up, underwear.
I got some new underwear, wit woo! It’s all a bit lacy, nothing particularly special but nice stuff. The only issue is the labels. I know a lot of underwear has the “cut along the line” mark to remove them and that’s cool. But these particular sets don’t have the line. I don’t need instructions to tell me to do it, I’m not an idiot. I will cut the labels out. What I take issue with is the amount of labels. Yup, that picture, to the left, is all the labels out of one pair of knickers.
I can’t even get my head around what would possess the manufacturer’s to put more words on my pants than in War and Peace. I suppose if I were to get bored while in the toilet or sorting through laundry it would keep me occupied for, well, a few days.
Pet Peeve #1 – Too many labels in my goddamn underwear.
Management speak! I hate management speak and I hate it more when I start to say it. This one annoys me so much I wrote about it onĀ *my other blog*… I sometimes hear myself talking about low hanging fruit, cascading information, parking ideas, and blue sky (f**king) thinking. To be fair, I’ve never used “blue sky thinking” in a sentence until just now and I can already feel my skin itching. At work, we just need to speak to each other like actual human beings. You want to talk, let’s just talk. You want to tell me something, say it in sentences not crazy over the top riddles. Why say fifteen obscure words when 5 plain English ones will do? And there I go again – plain English!!!!
Pet Peeve #2 – Managers are human too, they need to start talking like the rest of us.
I do a lot of admin, I generate a lot of letters, I send a lot of post. Luckily, the technology exists that I don’t have to lick an envelope to stick it. We’ve moved away from those water dabbers to moisten the envelopes. We now have the wonder of self seal. Until it doesn’t actually stick and I have to get out the sellotape.
Pet Peeve #3 – Sticky things not sticking.
bad ID photos
A bad ID photo, school photos, work badges, driving licenses, passport photos etc. All bad. I’ve personally had some awful ones but luckily at the moment, the majority of mine are acceptable. Although I’m not sure if I’m pulling off the white line through my face on my pic over there! Why is it that they are so bad? Is it a law? Is it just the way of the world? I honestly don’t know but someone needs to sort it out for the next generation. I don’t want them to suffer as I have.
Pet Peeve #4 – Dodgy ID pics
There is a tendency for people to put things in your way, on purpose, that you’re supposed to avoid because they are bad for you, dangerous even. What am I ranting about now? Those annoying plastic bits that they use to keep cardboard labels to clothes. I think they call them barbs. These pointless bits of plastic are a choking hazard. Yet they have them all over kids clothing, the most likely of us all to choke. And they are bloody hard to snap so you have to go ferreting about for a pair of scissors. And I hate even more the ones that are like cable ties. Aaaargh! I like how sometimes, brands use ribbons or twine, something you can untie. Plus it’s prettier.
Pet Peeve #5 – No more plastic barbs, please.
I feel so much better now. I’ve unloaded some of my pet peeves but now I’ve got more rattling around the space between my ears. Watch out! More coming soon. I see this as a cleansing process, any pet peeves you want to share??
Let’s keep growing together!
xx Lee xx
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