Not A Length Check: 4 Years 3 Months

I’ve committed to not measuring my hair anymore. It’s unnecessary pressure. Unnecessary expectation. It’s just not really important.

There’s been times when my hair’s progress has felt sluggishly slow. But every now and again you get a reminder that snail pace progress is still progress. And you can’t really comprehend how far you’ve come without looking back. And you definitely don’t need a ruler.

The picture on the left came up in my memories on my phone. I was shocked at how much my hair has grown by the time we get to the picture on the right (and how much rounder my face looks, thanks to lockdown and greater access to biscuits). If I remember correctly, the picture on the left was the first time I put my hair into twists after shaving my head (see below).

bald head
November 2016

Two years, wow!

And then I realised that even though 2020 feels like a write off, it still happened and that it’s actually been 3 years since 2018. But honestly, I am no less impressed and satisfied with where I am now.

I need a trim. I know that for sure, I’m struggling to find the motivation to do it but I’m hoping I can get it done in the next few weeks. My hair always looks thicker, feels softer and stays moisturised better after one…when I eventually get round to doing it.

So here’s to progress! 🥂

I hope your journey – hair, skin, health, life, whatever it may be is bringing you the joy you deserve. It might feel too difficult at times but persevere. I know I’m talking about my hair mostly and some may see it as trivial but it’s one part of a long journey to being a better, happier me. And I hope for a happier you too!


Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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