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I did my first one of these posts in May 2017. Wow! I’ve been at this hair journey and blogging thing for a while. In the time since that last post, I’ve found more and more curly, coily and kinky sources of inspiration for me and my kids.

Of late my main focus has been on healthy and well moisturised hair rather than length. I think I’ve always said that but I haven’t truly meant it until recently. I want my #hairgoals posts to be a celebration of all hair on the curly spectrum. Hair to admire, not covet. You don’t need what they have. What you’ve got is beautiful. The goal isn’t to be like them, the goal is to be inspired by them and see what confidence you have by letting go of the things that are holding you back from appreciating your own beauty. Things such as eurocentric ideals of beauty, other people’s opinions and your own negative thoughts. I want to be and want you to be able to unapologetically own the hair that grows out of our heads.

And you may choose to relax that hair, dye that hair, wear that hair under a wig – it’s all part of the joy of the versatility of our hair.

I think all of the people I’ve listed are definitely great inspiration for loving the hair your in!

1. Wolfgang Lisborg

I think when a lot of people think of natural hair, they think of all the women but there is a very knowledgeable and charming group of guys too that are all about the Natural Hair Life. You also tend to think of Americans too. Wolfgang is based in Denmark which obviously makes a nice change as a fellow European.

Wolfgang’s IG captions always give you something to think about. He seems like quite a philosophical guy that uses logic and makes you question why you do what you do. Have you really thought about it? Does that make sense? I like that. I think we can often get stuck in a routine and just do things because we’ve always done them. That will hinder growth and I’m not just talking about the length of your hair.

2. Game Of Fros

She has gorgeous hair herself but the things she does with hair that looks like mine…wow!

I am fairly unambitious with my styling choices but seeing what she can do is always inspiring and I hope I can deliver even just a 1/10th of an ounce of what she does with afro hair. I can just about do a flat twist so I’ve got a long way to go! She describes herself as a protective style specialist and there is no doubt that she is. She even has a protective styling method that she’s created which is absolutely gorgeous – The Olori.

3. Chizi Duru

This girl is funny! I love Chizi. I love how she seamlessly switches from American to Nigerian sayings, slang and attitude. It’s beautiful to see.

She is funny as hell, beautiful and humble. She embraces the fact that her hair isn’t perfect, her body isn’t perfect and works it better than most. I actually love this particular picture of her because she is embracing something so many of us run away from…shrinkage. And it makes you realise how absolutely amazing it is.

I actually discovered her on YouTube and she is one of the people on there that when I get the notification they have a new video, I actually make the effort to watch it. She does hair, make up, fashion but you know I’m there for the hair! And I’ve got her Lasik surgery video in my watchlist because I want to know the full truth about how that works. My eyes could do with a makeover.

4. Lana Summer

As you can clearly see, mine and Lana’s hair is nothing alike. But we’re both British, so there’s that! Her hair is more like my youngest son’s but even though we are on very different parts of the curly spectrum, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy her videos.

Plus, I like to see how other curlies live. She’s bubbly, fun and informative. Another great find on YouTube. I think one of the first videos I saw of hers was her creating Straightformers from Curlformers. Or her reacting to a fellow YouTuber deciding how Black women should look after their hair, she followed his suggestions and well, the outcome was….interesting. So she’s willing to give anything a try.

5. Joyjah

That hair, it’s just…I don’t even have the words and the fact that it’s attached to someone who is so beautiful just hurts my feelings.

But as well as being quite something else to look at, she is so creative with her hair and style. Oh to be so young and carefree…

If you don’t already follow any of the people I’ve highlighted, I suggest you fix that pronto. Whether you’re looking for tips, inspiration or entertainment, I think this group has got all bases covered!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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