I Just Want Everyone to Be Happier

No bulls**t here, I just want everyone to be happier. I know, I specifically said no more happy clappy BS!I would love to say I want everyone to be happy but until there is a massive cultural shift, we’ll never be content. We want this, we want that, we want more, we want better. And while that idea is aspirational (marketing companies depend on it), it’s also destructive.

There’s no shame in yearning for more and wanting to be better. It’s what drives most of us to get on with life. It’s what gets me up in the mornings knowing that I have to work a job I don’t love. But we’ve been taught to not be content, so even when you get everything you want, you’ll probably still not be happy.

So I wish for everyone to just be a little bit happier and maybe for those of us more fortunate than others, to realise how good we’ve got it.

What kind of life have you lived if you never enjoy the things you have right now?

Aspire for more in your life but also appreciate it while you can. I’m truly trying to do this but from personal experience I know it’s hard. I’m not standing on a pedestal telling you this is the way to live because I’ve cracked the code, far from it. It’s a practice what you preach moment for me too. But honestly I think we’d all be better off if we tried to be happier and *Hallmark time*…live in the moment!

Give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

Sending you love and thanks for reading (and sticking around if you’ve been here before!)


xx woeful writes xx

Comments welcome below. What do you think you need to do to be happier? Do you agree that people struggle to be content?

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