Head Wraps: #WRAPGANG

I am now 100% a part of the #wrapgang. I’m in love with headwraps. They are so versatile, just like your own hair given half a chance. And I think after shaving my head, my initial intention was to not get stuck in a rut. Not being scared to try new things. I think I’ve conquered that with braids, now onto headwraps.

I think my last post gave some great starting points to inspire us on our journey to not doing what we always do. It’s so easy to fall in to the same old traps. To feel that you have to do the same thing day in and day out. And to know there are options out there. Without sounding pretentious, which is always the preamble for saying something pretentious, I’ve found it liberating to create these shapes and patterns on top of my head. There is an art to wraps that I want to master.

There are many reasons to wear a headwrap but I fall into the category of “my twist out failed so…” But obviously there are other reasons to wear a hair covering like a huge traditional African wedding or for religious reasons or to simply protect your hair. And this includes protecting your hair day and night to preserve a style and to help retain moisture. Not to mention just because I can’t currently show you hair flowing out from under my headwrap doesn’t we should forget our longer haired sisters and brothers.

I’m seeing headwraps everywhere, on TV, in magazines and even on the runway. Now they’re becoming a part of mainstream fashion, anyone can wear one. Although they are commonly associated specifically with women of African descent. I’ve seen quite a few African print headwraps that I like on various websites, like Grass-fields, Detangled-Hair and the newly launched Atarah Avenue created by one of my online faves Kiitana. If money was no object, I’d have 365 different wraps, one for every day. And that’s not just because I’m being lazy and it’s definitely not because it’s easier to hide my hair than deal with it. It’s art on your head that even those of us that aren’t blessed by the braiding gods can do something quite effective with that bit of real estate up there. I’ve got my eye on some amazing prints at the mo.

I read an article from the Huffington Post that explains some of the cultural significance, headwraps were imposed “on black women as a badge of enslavement.” And although not the origin of this practice, it is a great example of taking something that held us down and now using it to lift us back up again. I suppose it’s similar to embracing your natural hair, loving yourself and your culture and how it trickles into your day-to-day, fashion and your life.

It’s not clear what my employers official policy is on wearing any sort of headwear. But I have only ever had compliments, even back in the day when I only knew one style. Part of me doesn’t care because I know they look good. To me they look professional. To my mind, there should simply be no objection. However, I am aware that this would not be the case in all workplaces if it’s not being worn for religious reasons. But if you are allowed to flaunt your creativity with reckless abandon then go for it.

If you’re the industrious sort, you could make your own. I would imagine this isn’t hard. I guess you would just need to find a piece of fabric around the right size or cut to size. Then hem it. I reckon even with my pretty mediocre sewing skills I could just about manage that.The two wraps I currently own from Grass-Fields are 100% wax cotton, as I am not any sort of seamstress I have no idea how easy or hard this is to work with. But if you can find someone to do the work for you then why not, there are some great reputable sellers out there. From the sites I listed above, wraps start from as little as £12! To me that’s a bargain, especially if you find a pattern that works in multiple situations.

Be a queen!

If you want to feel like a goddess, wrap your hair. Or leave it free or do whatever you want but remember you have options. Beautiful, classy and colourful options.

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How do you wrap your hair?

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx


2 thoughts on “Head Wraps: #WRAPGANG

  1. I love those wraps!! I have 4 from the wrap life! She doesn’t keep her stock popping like she use too so I’ll definitely check out grass fields for my next purchase!
    I get a lot of stares when I wear them and the more outrageous I tie it the more stares I get lol! I love head wraps though! They are so fun!

    1. they’re stuff is amazing, they’ve got some gorgeous jumpsuits too, if definitely want one of those. I thibk head wraps are so awesome especially when hair is the last thing you want to deal with!

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