Head Wraps

You’ve seen the girls (and boys) who are wearing a headwrap and you just think to yourself….”How in the hell?” The wrap defies gravity, the folds are impossible, the colours and patterns are otherworldly. At least that’s what I thought, so whenever I wore one I kept it super simple. I was scared to experiment and find out what I could do. But I decided that there’s nothing to be afraid of, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe I look silly, it blows off in the wind or I wrap it too tight, I cut off my circulation and faint. All worth the risk!

So what is a headwrap? Well we all know it is a piece of fabric that you place over your head in a celebratory, decorative or protective fashion. You can use whatever you want, an ankara headwrap, a silk scarf or even a t-shirt. Whatever works for you. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful Grass-fields headwrap for Christmas and as much as I wanted one, I realised I had no idea what do to with it once I had it.
So I got onto good old Google, Pinterest and Instagram for some ideas. And well, the Internet never lets me down. Now as of today, I am starting a little photo project, much like I did for braided hairstyles and the accompanying braid info posts. I took the pictures for this project a couple of weeks ago and I’m really excited to share the series with you over on my IG page over the next few days.
Some of the headwraps or nightscarves I’ve had in the past have been too small which I didn’t realise at the time. I was perplexed as to why I couldn’t do the styles I aspired to. But I realise my error now – GO BIG, OR GO HOME. The wraps I have at the moment are 22 x 72 inches which sounds huge and IS huge but gives you the fabric you need to be creative. And to be honest, once you’ve got that issue sorted, you can follow tutorials or pictorials and figure it out pretty quickly. It really isn’t hard or something you should be intimidated by. But if you are or are just looking for inspiration, check out my Pinterest board or see below for some “professionals” to get you started.

1. Kilahmazing

I love this little clip because too often influencers and bloggers look perfect. They make things we know are difficult look easy and lull us into trying what they are doing so we can look a hot mess. I don’t think they do it on purpose…or do they? Anyway, here’s a great tip to give your wrap game some volume. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m half waiting until I have that volume from my own hair. So yea, I’ll see you in about 4 years!

2. Mimipep

There is regailty in a headwrap, you see it at weddings, events, even in fashion editorials. The styles can be so intricate and sometimes have you wondering how it stays up like that. But it doesn’t have to be hard to do to look good. I love how Mimipep makes this look easy, breezy, beautiful and royal. I just wish you could see more of the green in the finished result. But what’s my opinion worth at this point?

3. Turbante.se

One of the things I love about a good wrap are the multitude of fabrics you can use to add to or amp up an outfit. I think the presentation of this next style is really cool as there are clashing prints but the black and white theme holds it together nicely. You can be bold with or without colour. And the only special equipment you need for this style is a safety-pin.

4. Naptural85

I think by rights Naptural85 would be in any list that you would make about natural haircare because what hasn’t she done! I love her videos and style and here is a great little rundown of what you can do with a bit of cloth and patience.

10 CHIC Ways To Tie Head Wraps | SUPER EASY [Video]

So come check me out on Instagram and have a little look-see at my headwrap photo project to see how adventurous (or not) I’ve been now I’m filled with a little knowledge and confidence. And while you’re here, share your favourite styles and wrapping tips!

Let’s keep wrapping together!

xx Lee xx


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