I know the perils of hair envy. I have hair envy especially with my hair being so short and where I am wanting it to go. You see all of these beautiful women (and men) with small Afros, medium-sized Afros and Quann Sister size Afros and I think these are all points on my own personal hair journey that I can’t wait to get to. I try to keep my outright jealousy mild envy in check by using these images and people as inspiration. My hair is my hair, it will never be their hair but it’s always nice to look at especially when you’re having one of those “black hair does not grow” days. We should derive inspiration rather than envy from the images we see.

I try to at least follow people with a hair texture that is similar to mine but I appreciate all curls, kinks and coils because they are beautiful and unique. Don’t get me wrong, I love straight hair too but it’s not my goal at the moment. Possibly further along in my journey I might start straightening my hair or going for a sleeker stretched look but for now I’m all about the unpredictability and uniqueness of the waves and whirls.

You shouldn’t compare your hair to anyone else but that being said here are ten of my favourite ladies and gentleman I enjoy following and are inspired by:

  1. naptural85 – what can I say, I think if you just start to type natural hair into a search engine she will pop up at the top. She has been at this for a while and it shows. Her tutorials are really polished, her hair looks great and she seems really nice. Her hair has been longer than it is now but she has super healthy hair and as much as length is the goal for me, hair health is more important.

2. Simply Comfort – I love that she wears her fro in all of its glory. Her hair routine seems really simple and involves a lot of twists and African threading. Her thick luscious crown most resembles what I thought my hair was before I chopped. I think now it may be growing back curlier than I realised but I still love her hair. And how good does yellow look on her?


3. njb7nyc – I can’t try to hide the fact that this is Instagram account is the one I am most envious of on my list. The pic is of a young girl with the most amazing, thick, healthy looking hair. This mother has 4 daughters and her own hair to look after. My hat’s off, my hands are raised in praise ?? and I drop to my knees at her feet. Not all of her girls have hair this long but they all have lovely, well maintained hair. Makes me realise how much I need to up my game for the sake of my kids curls.


4. Sonequa Martin Green – I love The Walking Dead but something that always annoyed me was that Sasha and Michonne are never given the opportunity to look fabulous. To be fair, they all are rocking the post apocalyptic grunge look pretty well. But it’s nice to see the actor out of character showing off how beautiful she really is without all the zombie guts and grime. And my doesn’t she scrub up well? Her hair is so pretty, I just hope that maybe she can be a curly on Star Trek at some point in the future. That’s the geek and the naturalista in me colliding.


5. Solange Knowles – There isn’t much I can say except that she is helping the world view hair in different ways, respecting it, loving it. I love this picture because of how beautifully wild her hair looks yet it doesn’t come across as messy. It just is what it is, glorious.


6. CurlyGuy13 – There aren’t that many men that I follow for hair tips but this guys curls had me hooked from first sight. He also wears his hair straight but can revert back to these beautiful locks. This is definitely someone to follow if you’re wanting to move between the two. He obviously has the formula right to keep your hair looking healthy and defined.


7. TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann – You can’t miss their hair because I mean…look.  But they also both have quirky and different styles to each other and provide amazing hair inspiration. They’re all about female empowerment and are politically outspoken. It doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful. They have beautiful photos (Cipriana’s partner is a photographer), fantastic presentation and they speak so well. I know that there are many role models out there. They all have their flaws and no one is perfect but I hope that either these ladies are still around when my little ones are old enough to be on social media or the young ones these twins are inspiring now can be my kid’s heroes in the near future. They are not all about their hair but they are also all about their hair!


8. Journey To Waist Length – I don’t actually follow her on Instagram (oops!) but I do follow her Youtube as I love her videos. I first found her when I was looking for information on hair porosity, she’s LoPo like me. There are about 10 of her videos in my Watch Later list to catch up on. I like her presentation style and am happy to watch her Journey To Waist Length continue and evolve to help me on my journey to tailbone length.


9. CurltureUK – I don’t think my list would be complete without UK ladies who are all about representing the UK. It’s in their name! I know Simply Comfort is in the UK too! But CurltureUK bring to the fore brands you may not have heard of, hair, clothes, jewellery, everything. They are always sporting diverse styles. They make me realise I can’t pull the “whoa is me. I’m in England and I don’t have the same resources as my American sisters!” There is no excuse.


10. Will Not Willy – Another guy that I follow is this one. He has enviable tresses for sure. I’ve noticed that he’s all about helping people out. There are loads of tutorials and helpful tips and hints. I think he has tried every style under the sun. He rocks braids, twists, his curls everything. He’s also one of those that is really helpful with listing the products used.


11. Woeful To FroFull – Did I say 10? Who dis? Haha. I am most certainly not putting myself in the same league as anyone above. But if you don’t mind me filling your feed (I say fill, I only post a couple of times a week) with me and my kids and our collective journeys through hair and life, why not click my pic and follow? I ain’t gonna beg though! Or click this link to follow me from the start.


There’s also a million brands I follow too, what can I say? Instagram is an internet black hole. There’s so much inspiration to be found, people to stalk follow and admire.

Let’s keep getting inspired together!

Xx Lee xx

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Who are your faves on the Web?


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    1. Brilliant! I love her, she seems to have got to her goal and just shows you how to keep your hair healthy which is the most important thing…i guess *does quick length check in the mirror* ?

  1. I know right! As much as their length is what I want, not sure I’m woman enough to deal with ALL that hair! Just beautiful!

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