Recently, I shared a post about my hair growth, I wasn’t down on myself but I don’t think I was as positive as I could be. I said I was messing this healthy hair journey up. I said I needed to get this right again before it goes too wrong. What I didn’t do was congratulate myself on how far I’ve come! Apologies for looking so miserable above but right now I am feeling good about what’s growing out of my head.

My hair would grow regardless of what I do. I know what I’m doing isn’t any sort of miracle. But it’s healthy growth and most of the time, I’m proud of the care I take in it. I appreciate the time to myself to deep condition, to detangle, to twist and braid. Because hair is more than just hair.

It is for me anyway.

And somehow you don’t appreciate the journey or you forget. In the Length Check post, there is a picture of me bald and then me with deep conditioner in my hair as it is now. Obviously I have more hair now than when I was bald, it’s been 3 and a half years. But the picture above really gives me perspective. Forgive me for looking so sad but it’s been tough out in the world recently and I didn’t feel like smiling. However, this picture gives me real perspective, this is what 3 years of growth looks like for me. And three years is a long time.

Three years ago I was trying to make #EyebrowLength a thing. My hopes of getting to tailbone length hair were a dim and distant dream, it’s only marginally closer now but it’s happening. If I can keep this going, it might take me another ten years but there is a chance I can get there. And I have these ups and downs with this journey all the time where I believe or don’t believe I can do it. I’m in a believing state of mind at the moment.

I believe change can happen. I’ve seen it now. I believe growth can happen. I’ve felt it. I believe I can get to the endgame. I’ve seen others reach the mountain top! Also, I believe the children are our future. I haven’t felt this positive for a while, which I think is understandable given current events, so long may it last.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx


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