End Of The Range Review: Soap & Glory (Part 2)

Where did we leave off in Part 1 of my Soap and Glory product reviews?

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I’ve found myself saying a lot on this blog, “I haven’t done this before,”  “I haven’t used this before.” Well I never bothered with an Eye Cream before. This pot is tiny but it is gorgeous. You get hints of the chrome on some of the other products. The Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream is the cutest shiny little pot in full chrome. I will definitely be using the empty pot. It’ll be great for my little skin and hair DIYs to make them feel more special.

I only do 3 small dabs under each eye but I think it’s making a difference. My skin looks brighter and my forever dark circles seem lighter to me. Maybe I’ve just fallen so in love with the products that I want it to be true. My under eyes do feel super smooth and plump so this for sure is a keeper.

The Make Up Remover has been used to remove make up once. I only wear make up on special occasions. But I’ve been using it daily to remove that everyday muck buildup. It always surprises me how much there is as I wash my face every morning and cleanse every night. Anyway, after a few wipes the cotton comes away clean. Unlike some other inferior cleansers it really is so gentle.

I follow-up the cleanser with the Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse with Airmazing Bubble-Boost Technology. I call bulls**t on the bubble tech. But this is a wonderfully light and airy feeling cream which just melts into your skin. Even though I was complaining when I first started using this as the pot seemed half empty but I suppose that’s all the “air” inside. My face still feels hydrated in the morning. This is even after a night of wriggling around, snoring, a little dribbling and probably smacking myself in the face. If it makes Soap & Glory feel better that they have this cute little “technology” then I’m not going to argue with them as I love the stuff.

Finally, drum roll for the Fab Pore 2-in-1 Facial Mask & Peel. I can’t attest to its peeling qualities as to my mind if a mask has peel in the title, you should be able to actually peel it off. But I don’t think that’s what they mean by peel though. Should I really quibble when it has amazing little rice microbeads that give you an extra scrub when it’s washed off. It has a bit of a minty smell and has a cooling effect as it dries. I love my Face Mask Sundays and this is a welcome addition to my routine along with the 7th Heaven Strawberry Souffle Mask I love.

I got this for just under £7 due to a deal that was on at the time of purchasing. At the time of writing I’ve had 8 goes from the tub and I’ve got about a third left. So even though I thought it was a bit pricey at the time that was because I was expecting to only get a few uses out of it. Turns out it is much better value for money than my usual fave, the 7th Heaven Masks.

These 7 products in total cost me about £35. And at around 8 weeks of regular use, I’d only run out of one product. I had a good few weeks left of everything else. I know there are substantially more expensive and also cheaper products and I am finding that these are great value and quality. My skin feels smoother than I can ever remember, it is clearer than it has been in years, it’s still not perfect but will it ever be? I definitely will be buying the face mask, face scrub and day lotion again.

I thought Soap and Glory was just for Christmas with their bright pink pots, luxury body butters and shower gels but if you look a little closer at the brand, they are much more than luxury toiletry gifts, they also have effective skin care products that my skin says thank you for using.

Let’s keep glowing together!

xx Lee xx

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