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End Of Sachet Review: 7th Heaven Strawberry Souffle Face Mask

I will start by telling you that I had high hopes for this mask. It sounds great, Strawberry Souffle, yum. It makes you think of strawberries obviously (high in vitamin C, acidic so helpful with scars and great for tightening pores – see here for more) but the souffle part had me thinking I might have a cheeky little lick of my upper lip while it dried. I didn’t, I promise, because this is not food but it does smell good enough to eat.

It has an extremely thick consistency, like cream cheess almost. This makes applying it very easy and I think it’s the closest I’ve come, and I’m still a way off, to replicating the look of the picture on the packaging. Colour wise it misses the mark of the product photo but I’m not in it to look like an actual strawberry, I want the beautiful skin.There is a little surprise element with this and I’m sorry but I am going to ruin the surprise for you. There are strawberry seeds in the mask. Well I think it’s the strawberry seeds. For those that thoroughly interrogate packaging and product details, this was probably no surprise for you. Anyway, I’ve thrown away the packet but I assume it is the seeds and when you wash it off, it acts like a mild exfoliator. Great idea, right? I will definitely try to find more masks with this combined mask/exfoliator thing (or why not make my own?) and it makes washing it off more satisfying. Especially since it does take some washing off if you happened to squeeze out every last ounce like I did and have a very thick, dry layer of mask to remove.

A while after use, I could still smell the fruitiness and that is not a bad thing at all. My skin felt super soft, like ridiculously soft. This has by far been my favourite mask that I’ve used since I started using them weekly. I just wish this was one of the masks that 7th Heaven did in a bottle – you can buy it less and more uses in one bottle equals more bang for your buck! I highly recommend you give it a try!

Let’s keep “glowing” together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome. Do you use strawberry in your skin care routine?

***I have found out since writing this post that this does come in a bottle, yay!!!! 🙂

Please note all comments are my own and I have not been paid/ sponsored /gifted with products for this review.

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