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End Of Sachet: Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Cucumber Peel-Off

I felt like I must have tried the whole Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven range until I went to their website and realised that I haven’t even scratched the surface. They do self heating masks, I need me some of that! Anyway this is the review of the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask.

We pulped cucumbers and juiced citrus goodness to give your skin a blast of freshness and help remove dirt and grime. Gently peel off this mask once a week to reveal a fresh and revived new you.

I love the blurb and all of the descriptions on the packaging as it’s obvious this is a brand that prides itself on the unique ability of things found in nature. This particular mask gives you a clear sheen, nothing like the picture, but I ain’t mad about it. I normally feel all put out and deceived when it doesn’t look like the pic but I think I’m starting to let it go, a little.

So the ingredients I was interested in from the list where the cucumber obviously and the Acai Berry (I believe it is pronounced ass-eye-ee???). I know cucumber as the thing you put on your eyes when they’re a bit puffy or you have dark circles or you eat when you’re pretending to be healthy. According to Beauty And Tips it tightens pores, fades scars and is useful in anti-ageing among other great benefits for your skin. I definitely need the anti-ageing properties to work for me, at 31 years of age I am so over the hill. To be honest, I might as well give up on life right now.

Acai Berry is something I’m not really familiar with as a food or a beauty product ingredient. I couldn’t even tell you what colour they are. It’s an anti-ageing antioxidant (either all products have anti-ageing properties or I am falling for some subliminal marketing) and helps to repair and replenish skin cells so say my sources. I feel this product should get some hero time on the packaging. Those are benefits to shout about.

As it’s a peel off it is very sticky to apply and the whole sachet squeezed within an inch of its life gives a nice thick layer across your whole face. It smells really nice, I would say more of a citrus fragrance than cucumber but cucumber is pretty nondescript at the best of times. I was surprised by the colour of the gel as it’s a dark green but looks clear and dries looking clear but once removed looks green. It’s like some beauty trickery going on here. Or you can’t tell it’s green because I’m brown…

Now the thing I have yet to accomplish with a peel off mask is to peel off in one as they show in adverts and product pictures and I so almost got it with this one, I was quite disappointed in myself! It didn’t make my skin feel as tight as some masks I’ve previously used which was a pleasant surprise. If you’ve read my review of the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven masks (such as this one) then you will know that there are some issues with how tight the masks get as they dry. The difference with this one could be because it is a gel and not a mud, perhaps. After peeling the majority of the mask off, my face felt super clean and smooth almost good enough to not have to moisturise and go on with my day if it wasn’t for the fact I had bits all over my face.

I would recommend this one!

Let’s keep glowing together!

xx Lee xx

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