End of Sachet Review: Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac Mask

I think if you’ve walked into any shop that sells face masks in the UK, you will have seen this brand. The packaging always has pictures of women with about a 2 inch thick layer of a glorious looking face mask which looks rich, thick and creamy. Now it never comes out like that on your face and it would be a bit ridiculous if it did but it would be nice if the package was the reality. Do you hear me McDonald’s? With your lies and deceit. It would be nice if the finished product matched the pictures.

I know this is about skin care but hear me! Sorry, I digress.

In the product details online it does describe it as “sexy natural skincare.” I was not feeling very sexy and I’d rather not know what my sarcastic, jokes-too-close-to-the-bone husband thought either. His face said it all so I’m glad he kept his mouth shut. I can’t remember the smell/scent so I would say it was inoffensive unlike some of the other fruitier masks (we’ll talk about them at a later date) by Montagne Jeunesse.

I followed the instructions exactly because that is what I do now. I actually read the instructions on the things I put on my hair and skin. With this particular mask you need to cleanse first and then apply the mask. Even though I squeezed out every last gram from the sachet, I did not become the beauty spa Smurf as promised in the picture.  Disappointed. However, it definitely tightened my face, almost uncomfortably so. It was layered on so thick it didn’t dry in the twenty or so minutes it was on. It started to look a bit scary in the places it had dried and I did leave an awful mess in my wake as I flaked all over the house. Every smile or frown cracked the dry shell that had started to form on my face. I was almost relieved to wash it off because it stopped being a relaxing, supposedly lavender-scented soothing event and started to turn into an endurance task as it dried. But beauty is pain, right? My skin felt great afterwards though so there is that.

Looking at the ingredients, I would be very interested in making my own version of this, I already have some of the ingredients such as the glycerin, sea salt and lavender oil. I will definitely be buying some clay soon as I was going to use it for a hair mask but there’s no reason I can’t spread it all over my face too.  I’d need to purchase some seaweed extract and bergamot oil which are not on my wishlist but maybe they should be. I know there is more to making a mask than that just mixing all the ingredients from the ingredient list that I can find from a shop together but it might be something cool to explore in the future.

“Make your own face mask” has now  been added to my mile long lists of things to try…

I did find it funny, not funny haha but funny strange, that it claims to open blocked pores and draw out impurities but doesn’t describe itself as a tightening mask which I think it should. So as the ultra deep pore cleanse mask it claims to be  I have to say I think it actually works, my face did feel thoroughly cleansed if not also like an 80s housewife after face lift number 4. I suggest you give it a try.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What’s your favourite mask?

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