End Of Bottle Review: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer

I opened the bottle of the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and had a little whiff and all I can say is that it wasn’t a good first impression. 

For the majority of my journey I have used a mainly water Leave-In. In fact, it has just been mainly water, sometimes I’ve added Aloe Vera Juice or very watered down wash out conditioner or tried a little DIY. This, however, is the first cream leave-in I’ve used in a very long time. The first plus is that the very first ingredient is water and water gives your hair life. It has a nice, creamy consistency although it was thicker than what I would have considered for a milk. But my first impressions aside, I follow many a curly, kinky, coily queen that swears by Carol’s Daughter (official website) so it was highly recommended from Instagrammers, bloggers and established websites.

My first red flag or suspicion that this might not be for me is that it is to be used on soaking wet hair after cleansing. This makes it pretty redundant for daily use. I don’t wash my hair every day. More importantly, I don’t want to get my hair soaking wet every day. Damp, yes. Wet, no. It’s a fine line but I know where it is. This product was then relegated to wash day only as that’s the day I let my hair get dripping wet. I do think that as someone with super short hair, this is not such an issue. As hair gets longer, and in particular knowing how long mine takes to dry, this would be something that I would like to avoid at all costs.

One of the things I have tried on this journey is to follow the instructions exactly…at first. With that in mind, I did what the bottle told me to do. You put the product into wet hair THEN take off the excess water with a t-shirt AND then add more if I feel it’s necessary. Why did I squeeze it out then? Infuriating!

But back to positives, this product doesn’t have any nasties such as parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colours which can only be good. It has one of my usuals –  Shea Butter, Agave Nectar – a humectant and Soybean Oil which they say softens and strengthens. The main benefits of using this Leave-In are that it is deep moisturising,  improves softness and prevents frizz. My hair was very short when I started using this. The first few couple of wash days I thought “ooh my curls are coming through” and my hair felt pretty good on wash day but felt no more moisturised any day after that point. Then as my hair grew a little longer it just left it feeling dry straight away. I have no way of determining whether it will be a good or bad day so wash day became a bit of pot luck for me.

As I wasn’t getting the desired, consistent results I had hoped for, I tried watering it down as a spritz for the kids. It was mixed in with some essential oils (giving it more of the consistency of milk). I felt it worked better that way but still not ideal.

I also had some issues with my head feeling really itchy on wash day. At first I thought this had something to do with my hair being wet for so long. But I think there must be an ingredient in there that my scalp doesn’t like. There was an intense level of itching which seemed to be a wash day only phenomenon. I’m sure I will figure out what  ingredient it was eventually.

In the end, the negatives outweighed any positives with this product. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the instructions. With it not aiding in moisturising my hair on a reliable basis AND the bothersome itching, this is a “won’t bother again” sort of product. I had high hopes that have been well and truly dashed. Oh well. I still have the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla range to try out. Fingers crossed!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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